Yeep! She's back!

At 7:45 this morning my brother left me a message. It seems my girlfriend from ~30 years ago found him on and wrote to ask if he was my brother.

She was a singer and I was a drummer. Whatever else I might say about her, she had some pipes. Her Amazing Grace was stunning, her White Rabbit electrifying.

We met in a psychiatrist’s waiting room. It later occurred to me that was not an ideal place to meet women. So, soon enough (about midnight on our first date - hmmm, probably coincidental, but my home burned down that night) we were [Tra-la-la-la-la] in love. For about 6 to 8 weeks. Then we spent a couple of years breaking up.

Y’all know the drill - why break up just once when you can do it over and over again? Once, she rought her best friend over to give me as a replacement. Her brother was a biker, and she ran with his group a lot. Women were given to people often enough - you could pick up an “old lady” in a poker game with that crowd.

Anyway, that was years ago. I last talked to her in 1983 and she told me she’d become a CPA and had a nice income from a string of four rental houses. One for each marriage. It had only been eight years since I’d seen her last, so it did occur to me that she was knockin’em down at a pretty good clip.

My brother emailed her back my phone numbers and she replied with a long message that included that she’s “not so good on the telephone anymore” and asked my brother to ask me to email her. I don’t recall what her last name was when I talked to her in '83, but it’s different now. But it doesn’t match the amail addy she gave, which was

She also added that she’d read that article on the internet about our father and said, “Well, I guess you never know about some people.” That got a WTF? out my brother and me. I searched Google and found nothing that might generate that comment.

And she told my brother that she recalled the years spent with me as the happiest time in her life. If that’s the case, I’m not sure I could bear to listen to what her last 30 years have been like.

Another odd thing - she found my brother on Well, I’m listed there as well and if you know my name and google it, you can have my home address, phone number and email in less than a minute.

OK, so I’m wizened enough to realize there’s 40 kinds of danger signals here. “You got out of that lion pit once, boy; don’t go back to see if they’re still hungry.”

Still, why has this generated such a gnawing curiosity? Will I forget it in a couple of days?

IANA Mod, but should this be in the Mundane categetory of the great SDMB? :confused:

That said,

Maybe just the old human nature curiosity. People are different (duh!). I would not look back.

In the trade, this is what’s known as a BGO*.

  • Blinding Glimpse of the Obvious
    PS: (8 Years / 4 Marriages) + 4 Houses = Gold Digger

I thought it was Blinding Grasp, not Glimpse

I had an old girlfriend look me up via a mutual friend. We spent about 6 months together finding out why we still aren’t compatible. I say run, run like the wind.

PS: “wizened” means “wrinkly” - are you really wrinkly, Ringo? :smiley:

Oh, geez, I’d be curious too.

But wary all the same.

FWIW if you do choose email her you might want create a free MSN email address just for the purposes of communicating with her, so in case it gets hinky your normal email address won’t be compromised, and instruct your brother not to give your regular address out.

As I am fond of saying: “Scrape your shoe and move on”. I had the same experience last year when a former and psychotic girlfriend from 1967 found me through Classmates and sent an email on my birthday with a whole lot of crap about her life and how she didn’t mean to hurt me, etc. Oh, please. I got over all that back when it happened. I didn’t answer her email and I put her on my spamkiller list for email rejection. Don’t go there, my friend.

You never know (about meeting an S.O. in a therapist’s office)…believe it or not, it seems to be working splendidly for my dad and stepmom, or at least they think so. They met in a therapist’s office about 20 years ago, and have been happily married for 18+ years and have a wonderful 14-year-old son. I can’t stand my stepmom (what can I say? when people have me subpoenaed, I tend to hold grudges), but for whatever it’s worth, Dad seems to be happy.

Of course, her issues do not include a string of ex-husbands, bikers, rental prpoperties acquired from previous marriages, or (as far as I know) casual hookups she met at poker games.

(Ringo, please do not construe the above as any indication from me that I think it would be a good idea for you to go for a drink with your ex. She sounds like T-R-O-U-B-L-E.)

Heh. Kind of the sentiment I thought might prevail, but I wanted y’all’s feedback.

I posted this in a hurry (Who? Me? Typos?) before trotting off to this afternoon’s Houston Dopefest. I put it out of my mind for several hours. Well, the 'festers got to hear it, but we moved past pretty quickly.

Several tickers here:

• The apparent desire to avoid voice communication

• The guy’s name for her email address (at a truly obscure domain)

• The outrightly weird reference to my dad - is this some common con-artist trick?

• The “happiest time” recollection - I can see the con value; and I would hope for any human that those couple of years would not be their happiest

• The apparently profitable run of short term marriages.

And then I got home and read the replies to this thread. And something came back to me.

During one of our intermittent periods of being “in love,” she had suggested that with her voice and her (then) looks, we could probably find some older wealthy guy to marry her, and she could worm her way into his finances and “we” could plunder him. Well, I’m just not the sort of guy who would take to having a woman I thought I loved marry some other guy, rich or not. And that’s not how I conceived making a living.

'Nother argument. Another fight. I just didn’t get it.
So, I’m disinclined to respond with any anticipation of anything good.



I’m a bit curious yet, and am wondering about astro’s suggestion of using a dedicated free email addy just to see if I even think it’s really her doing this.
But I probably ought to just leave it all alone.
Bet she can’t belt out White Rabbit anymore.
P.S. I guess I was thinking of the ol’ cerebral cortex dan.

I think I’ll move this to MPSIMS.

The book ,“Johnson vs Johnson,” which details the titanic legal battle over Seward Johnson’s medical products fortune had it as “blinding glimpse of the obvious.”

Another thread brought this back to mind. Rereading it now a few months later, it occurs to me that the entity trying to establish contact might not really even have been the ex-girlfriend.

What makes you think that Ringo? That’s just a bit on the creepy side for me. :confused:

  • The odd name-disconnected emaiaddress

  • The avoidance of voice communicatuion

Just thoughts.l