Yellow grit like particles at the bottom of my oatmeal box

I just enjoyed a bowl of oatmeal. As I finished it, I noticed that there’s like little yellow balls mixed in with it. I looked back in the box and with a few oats, there was some yellow grit like particles. I do not recall ever seeing them in my oatmeal before. Can grits somehow get mixed with oatmeal?

Please don’t tell me they were some kind of eggs. :eek:

Are they stone ground oats? If they’re done the old fashioned way, the bits could be little bits of the grinding stone.

Or it could be processed on the same line as corn meal (polenta, grits - all the same thing) and have gotten some cross-contamination. This is why you’ll see peanut warnings on candy bars that don’t have peanuts - there may be peanuts on the line from another candy bar.

Or it could be eggs. Sorry. They won’t hurt you, really!

Grits, southern grits, are usually white. They can be made from yellow corn.
Check the expiration or use by date on the box.
We buy grits and oatmeal in the individually sealed packets. or the medium or smaller size of the bulk product
Mash one of the little yellow balls and see if anything runs out.
Probably nothing more that particles of yellow corn meal (hopefully).