Yellow Mama serves up her last jolt:

“Yellow Mama” is the name that was given to Alabama’s electric chair at some point in the distant past. A convict built Yellow Mama in 1927, and since then she has served as the State’s only method of delivering capital punishment.
Recently, the State Legislature changed the law so that lethal injection will now be the primary method of execution in Alabama. Yellow Mama is scheduled to serve up her last jolt at one minute after midnight tonight.

In 1993, a policeman saw and heard a nine year-old boy screaming: “Help” from a car parked in the lot of a large discount store. As the policeman approached the car, a woman and her common law husband both pulled out pistols and emptied them into the policeman, killing him. The policeman had a wife and two small children.

Both members of this couple have refused legal counsel, choosing to represent themselves. Their defense is that they are committed anarchists. They maintain that the policeman had no right to approach their car, that the State has no right to arrest and charge them, the courts have no jurisdiction over them, and the State has no right to carry out any punishment that said courts might decree.
This brilliant defense having failed, the first execution is scheduled for tonight.

As there are no more executions scheduled before the legislated change to lethal injection, tonight will be Yellow Mama’s last hurrah.
The female half of this couple goes first, and tonight’s execution will be the first female to experience Yellow Mama’s servings in 45 years, since 1957.
The date for her husband’s execution has not yet been set, so in all likelihood he’ll get the lethal injection.

I haven’t provided any cites, because The Birmingham News, Montgomery Advertiser and any other Alabama newspaper with a web site will have more info than a person would want to know.

And the point this thread is?
I don’t know. Information, maybe. Just thought I’d share this delightful little piece of history with the Teeming Millions

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