Yellow Trim With Pale Blue Walls? Need Answer Fast.

OK, the people in the condo upstairs had a water leak.
Not too bad.
Re-painting will be needed.

I have decided to seize the day, & get the whole bathroom re-painted.


Pale Blue walls, with Rubber Duck Yellow Trim?

Yes Or No?

Smaller spaces tend to look good with bright colors. An entire giant living room, not so much, but a closet or bathroom? Go for it!

(You can always paint over it, you know.)

I’m all for goofy decorating choices in bathrooms. Why not have some fun? Paint and accessories can be changed if you’re going to sell the place. Blue walls with yellow trim sounds hideous but kind of awesome. I say go for it.

Yes, and get a shower curtain with beach balls or fish or flip flops in those colors. Or ducks!

If you run with the rubber ducky theme in the shower curtain, the other accent colors to play with are orange (bill) and black (eyes). Need some new towels?

Some restraint is needed - too many strong colors in a small space can get obnoxious.

Get a shower curtain with a huge M on it.

I wouldn’t do it myself. But I like that color combination and think it would look just fine.

It has been decided.
Blue with yellow trim it is.


I’d always been conservative with paint colors, even in bathrooms, until my daughters talked me into a really eye-popping blue with blinding white trim in our tiny downstairs bathroom. It looks fantastic, and it makes me smile every time I go in there.

You could also get a couple sponges, cut them into duck shapes, triangles, circles, and do some light sponge printing to bring the yellow color into the walls a bit.

good aquatic colors. will work if ample ducks placed around the room.

I agree that a sponge-painted accent wall would be really awesome!

When I was a teenager, I got to pick the paint and carpet color for my bedroom. I chose bright blue walls and dark blue carpet. It was freaking awesome, made me smile right away in the morning and when I got home every day. My sister did a similar scheme, in purple. Not sure what it did for the resale value of the home a decade later, but we really enjoyed it at the time. And paint is not expensive.