Yelping noises in the garden

I recently moved to a new flat with a large garden that I don’t have access to and is wild.

At night I can hear yelping noises, like a high-pitched dog bark, coming from the garden. It is clearly some kind of animal. The noises are quite regular, always the same pitch, and made in bursts with a few seconds between each one, followed by an approx. 30-40sec gap after a few.

Anyone know what could be making them?

I don’t think you guys have coyotes in the UK, so I’m going to guess it’s a fox. I’ve heard that red foxes have adjusted very well to urban areas.

I guess foxes.

I was going to say red fox as well. Does it sound like this?

Free range chiuauas?

This time of year there is a good chance of foxes, they often pair up.

You will probably get an almost unnatural and unnerving scream, almost sounds like a woman is being horribly murdered, at least thats what I imagine the sound is like, all part of the mating ritual.

Foxes is my first guess, too, but cats can also make some pretty unholy noises when they’re squaring up to each other at night.

And some hedgehogs make loud squeals.

Many owls have calls that sound unusual. My first thought was a little owl or one of the scops owls. They can have really wierd sounding calls.

Another vote for foxes. I was going crazy trying to figure out what the noise was before I finally spotted one outside my house.

Example sound/video here (not mine.)

Around my house they always seem to be right outside the range of lights. However, in Virginia Beach, they are so tame they will come right up to you at night, I thought the fox was rabid or something, but from article I read it’s not uncommon.

i came here to say that too. First time I heard that it gave me the willies. It sounded like a woman screamaing to me also. I hope the foxes enjoy it.

Has there also been a bustle in your hedgerow?