Yep, that's a pretty tall building.

(Caution: despite the filename, that is a big image. Unless you want a really really really HUUUUGE one, don’t click here.)

For best effect, open the pic and scroll down slooooowly using your mouse scrollwheel. It just goes on and on.

And it’s not even finished yet. There’s another 600ft or so to go. :eek:

I’d almost forgot about that.

Pic taken from a mammoth thread on this forum.

As of a couple of weeks ago, it’s the tallest building ever, of any type, anywhere. Current height is 2,090ft. It’ll be over half a mile high by the end of the year. :eek:

Man, they are building some crazy stuff in that part of the world. Imagine what you’d see from the top! I, however, wouldn’t have the courage to be up there. I can hardly stand being on the 5th floor. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks to YouTube, you don’t have to imagine. :cool:

(Around the 52 second mark those of a nervous disposition may find themselves hanging onto their desks…)

HOLEE CRAP, Colophon! :eek:

Had to add this:
They may get even crazier.

I was in Dubai the other week. The civil engineering going on over there is crazy…

And yes it is very tall! In other Dubai construction news:

An army of indian builders are building an immpressive monorail, you can see it progress almost as you stand and watch…

Even more off-shore islands, and a big development of Port Rashid into a ‘Maritime City’

Seems that building is the second most common job in the place. Second only to taxi driving, and being followed a close third by hooker…

That photo must be worrying to anyone who’s bought an apartment on the 41st floor.

Heh, well spotted!

How so?

Ha, that’s great! There is no 41st floor! The hell?

There must be a mezzanine or something, I suppose.

Darth, there are floor numbers painted on some of the still-exposed concrete verticals.

Detail image here:
Looking at the bricked-in window cutouts, it may be an equipment floor, pumps and such.

I got butterflies, jeepers!

I’ve noticed over the past few years more and more of these cool projects appearing on the cover of engineering mags. It’s impressive.