Yep, this is the real spirit of the Games all right

What the fuck?? :wally :frowning:

Woulda looked pretty bad symbolically had he lost to an Israeli.
Almost like Allah didn’t support fundamentalist nutjobs.

I wonder why Iran even showed up–did they not realize those goddamned Jews were gonna be there?

I’m glad the US & USSR never let their rivalry get in the way of the Olympics.

This world is FULL of jackasses.

So, what was he doing during Jacques Rogge’s speech?

The guy’s an ass and/or asses run his country. What else is there to say?

And he’s described as a two-time world champion, so you’d think they wouldn’t be too worried about that. I guess he’s never run into an Israeli fighter in that time? Anyway, it sucks.

This was meant to be sarcastic, right?

The USA and USSR didn’t compete against each other in Moscow, 1980 and Los Angeles, 1984, because of their respective boycotts.

But it wasn’t due to rivalry, but politics.
As usual.

I sure hope the door didn’t hit his ass on the way out.

Anyone notice the lack of cheering when Iran’s athletes came out?

You’d think he’d welcome the opportunity to kick some Israeli ass. It’s not like he was competing in beach volleyball or anything–it was Judo.

Fuck him. And fuck anybody else who tries to bring their politics into the games.

What, they’re afraid of catching Jewish Cooties or something?

In his dreams. He’d get his ass handed to him just like every Arab country has gotten its ass handed to it trying to fight Israel in war. I guess Allah was asleep all those times the brave Muslim warriors lost to the infidel.

And yes, I know the Iranians aren’t Arabs.

Jewties are a very serious health problem in the Middle East.

No kidding. Wouldn’t this be a perfect opportunity for propaganda either way? If he wins, then it shows how much better Iran is compared to the inferior Israel. If he loses, then obviously it would have been an example of the Great Zionist Conspiracy cheating Muslims. It could have been played up big time about how the match was faked and really filmed in a Hollywood sound stage (because You Know Who runs Hollywood).

Maybe he was afraid of government sanctions ?

Well, yeah, I agree. I guess. But is that clear cut? Are the atheltes who refused to compete against the Apartheid regeme automatically fuckheads? Would snubbing Iraq or Afganistan a couple of years ago not be understandable, if not excusable?

Admittedly, those are good reasons and this isn’t, but not everyone can set government policy.

Sport has a long history of being used as a political weapon. The international boycott of apartheid SA. The previously mentioned boycotts of Moscow by the US and of Los Angeles by the Soviets. It is hypocrisy to condemn a specific country’s political boycott unless you condemn all boycotts. In that case lets fuck: the international community, the US, the USSR and now Iran. Or is OK to boycott if it suits your political agenda? WTF?

What now?

ATHENS (Reuters) - A diplomatic wrangle of Olympic proportions was avoided Sunday when Iranian world judo champion Arash Miresmaeili failed to make the weight for his clash with an Israeli opponent.

Since its 1979 Islamic revolution, Iran has refused to recognize Israel’s right to exist and has allied itself to the Palestinian cause.

Rumors had been rife that Miresmaeili, who carried Iran’s flag in the opening ceremony, would withdraw rather than face Israeli Ehud Vaks.

No. Not excusable. The games are GAMES. Contests between athletes pitting strength against strength, skill against skill. Anything else is baggage and not relevant. The US & USSR were wrong to allow politics to interfere in the 80s and it’s wrong for Iran to pull this. It shouldn’t really even matter if the Iranian didn’t recognize the legitemacy of the Jew’s presence in the competition–the IOC did, and the Iranian is participating in the IOC event. He knew that going into it and chose to use this venue as a soapbox for his cause. It’s fucking disgusting.

The jocks need to leave politics to the politicians and just run the fucking race.

I stand by what I said earlier. I’m against all Olympic boycotts. The games are about our common humanity. We set aside our differences and play games together.

I think you’ve got that backwards. It’s the Olympics that are the irrelevent baggage. Like you said, it’s a game: there’s no end to the list of things that are more important.

And I wouldn’t be so quick to jump down the throat of the Iranian athlete, here. I wouldn’t be surprised if he had absolutely no choice in the matter, and this decision was handed down to him by his government. Now if someone wants to Pit the Iranian government, go ahead, but I suspect that there are better reasons for pitting them then one lousy judo match.

And apparently, so is this thread.

Some people simply don’t recognize Israel, while others are just plain disgusted with the Zionist practices of the Jewish state. Ariel Sharon is tarred with a bribery and corruption scandal, The Mossad’s Sword of Gideon is wreaking havoc across the globe, the IDF conducts regular commando raids and sorties into Lebanon and Syria, and Israel’s Human Rights-Violating Wall is ghettoizing an already desperate and increasingly destitute group of people who have been systematically denied a nation of their own.

All of that is happening, right now, as we speak. And some of you expect people will just set aside these current events for the artifice, the outright sham that is the Olympics. One look at the stands should show you it’s not just athletes who are boycotting the games.

Excuse me for interrupting your Orientalist daydreams, but Iran, like the pre-war Iraq, is actually a lot like America: a cauldron of faiths stirred by a fanatical majority, widespread voter disenfranchisement and a burgeoning, secular student movement with its eyes on peace and reconciliation.

And this may not amount to much, but

it’s definitely a start.

You are a total idiot and an utter disgrace.