Yes, once, for 20 min a deathray happens in Vegas, bet it stays there
Submitted for your approval

Rebel forces on Endor have been notified. Let us hope that it can be destroyed before the main reactor comes online.

May the force be with you.


Our office is in a high rise off the Strip and I can attest to the fact that some of those hotels are blindingly shiny in the midday sun. I often have to draw the blinds in my office because my clients end up squinting while trying to talk to me or I can’t read my computer monitor.

A giant concave mirror in the middle of the desert. What could possibly go wrong?

Death Rays.

We done this.

I thought this was funny. Concave shaped building with mirrored glass exterior in Vegas = oops!

That’s my favorite Elvis song.

This is what, the third or fourth thread on this. Doesn’t anybody do a search before posting any more?

oh, and get off Silenus’ lawn! :wink:

So it is. I merged the threads by outlierrn, Ludovic and voltaire. I think that’s all of them.

I actually did search, though it’s not the easiest subject to search for, particularly with 2 minutes between searches. The only thread I came up with was:
…and that had no mention of this phenomenon. And since this seemed to be a recent news story, and I saw nothing on the first couple of pages, I let 'er rip.

Welp, mods may feel free to close it. If anyone has a link to a duplicate thread handy, TIA!

Thanks. Too bad about the title…

I searched, as well. If “Death Ray” were spaced per the classic formulation, then I wouldn’t have double-posted.

Just sayin’ :slight_smile:

I was going to post it, (I even searched for Vdara) but only found a thread on when it opened for $8.5 billion back in December.

Mmmm, grilled Ewok.

[quote=“Marley23, post:11, topic:555507”]

Damn didn’t your daddy tell you never to cross the streams(or threads)when dealing with death rays?

I searched for it too, must be a conspiracy to hide The Truth.

“Vdara” is obviously not a name any human would give to a hotel. It’s not even pronounceable. I suspect she has something to do with it.

(Although Vdara is also suspiciously close to “Vader”. Hmmm…)

Every time a death ray is brought up, this is the first place I go for the facts.