Yes Rosie O. Won again

Good for her …You go girl …Lesbian in the house :):):):slight_smile:

Me so happy …:smiley:

Er, I don’t know how to tell you this, but the celebrities on “Hollywood Squares” don’t win anything.

Put another way: Huh?

Maybe the Daytime Emmys were on tonight?


oops …I forgot to mention that the daytime emmys were on tonight …sorry :frowning:

So, you cheer for her because shes a lesbian? Or that you like her work?

Okay, let’s turn this into a commentary on the Daytime Emmys, or Enemies, as I call em. :wink: First, the actors & shows that were nominated this year did not, unfortunately, reflect the best of the best–and if you’re not nominated, you can’t win. It’s a very flawed process, I’d better not get started on that! LOL

Being that it was a live show, there were a number of mis-cues, including one -huge- one! When they announced the Best Actress, the winner was Susan Flannery of “Bold and the Beautiful,” but the orchestra was playing the theme song of “All My Children,” and they showed Susan Lucci backstage, like it was she who had won! How embarassing, for both Susan Lucci and for Dick Clark productions and CBS! The other big flub was not a technical one, and was actually funny–the writing team of “As The World Turns” won and their head writer was giving his little thank you speech and thanked the folks at ABC… his show is on CBS!!! Uh oh… :wink:

Congrats to Rosie, though–I don’t really watch her show, but think it’s the best of the talk shows. :slight_smile:


Sorry, I cannot STAND Rosie. She’s so obnoxious! Her and Oprah can bite me!

I cheer for her for both reasons. I just thought i’d show that i was happy for her. :smiley: :smiley:

Just more proof that awards shows are meaningless.

ROSIE as best talk show and best host? Puh-leeezzze!
The most amazing thing in talk shows this season has been REGIS & KELLY. They’re fun. They’re refreshing! They have no political axe to grind. And, from outward appearances at least, they’re both heterosexual (not that there’s anything wrong with that)! They was robbed.
NOBODY watches ROSIE’s show any more. And nobody’s going to miss her when she’s gone. She is so full of herself and her political causes, she forgot to be entertaining!

Rosie OD is a little smarmy for me, but I am glad she got a mucho mainstream award on the tail of her public coming out (like we didn’t know ages ago). I do wonder if the same accolades would come if she weren’t retiring. At any rate, it’s nice to see see mainstream acceptance of gay women, mebbe we can progress to the same for gay men.

Rosie’s a lesbian?!?! :eek:

Her sexual orientation is completely irrelevant to me, but I lost all respect for the woman after hearing her views on math. Supposedly, it’s a waste to learn any math at all any more (even arithmetic!), since we have calculators. Even if you’re going to be working in unskilled manual labor, you’re going to need at least some math.

…but that’s pretty stupid.