Yes, there ARE such things as floating islands.

I’d read stories about them, but the proof exists.

There are floating islands.

HERE’S a news article about one.
It apparently smells like an old bus.

How long before the officials from the local archipelago come by and demand their back taxes?

Maybe they could sell it for coral jewelry.

Anybody got the references?

Ever smell an old bus? I do daily. I would not describe it as “funny”. It’s a complex mixture of stale, damp, diesel and remnants of the absorbent used to soak up puke.

I think I’d take a methane-farting island over that.

The French have a dessert called îles flottantes, consisting of “islands” of baked meringue floating in a punchbowl of syrup.

It wasn’t called Kooey-kooey-kooey, was it? :smiley:

Is it populated by meerkats?

Wouldn’t you be surprised if they actually found blue beetles on it…

What I want to know is, have they found Hot Cha yet?

The novel Life of Pi by the French-Canadian author Yann Martel has a weird floating island in it. I wonder if he got the idea for it while spooning up a nice sweet île flottante.

I thought of the same thing :slight_smile: But that island could also kill you!

Must be a quiet little town…

You have no idea. My hometown has one of these in a nearby lake - it’s always a topic of conversation when they tow it back out after it gets too close to the shore.

Is it time for another thread about what it takes to create an independent country?

Sure there are floating islands! Apollo and Artemis, my fellow gods, were born on Delos before…

…oh, you mean in real life. Sorry, I never pay attention to reality if I can help it. Can’t help you there. :slight_smile:

Anyone that has lived in Georgia knows about the Okefenokee Swamp, which means “trembling earth”. If you have ever stood on one of the floating islands, it is easy to understand where the name came from. Anyone driving through south Georgia on the way to Florida should take time to visit the Okefenokee Swamp.

Is it easily observable from rocking chairs on the porch of the General Store?


Links to news articles!!

In fiscal year 04-05, the BIPM budgeted more than $6 million strictly for controlling tussocks and floating islands.

Northern Minnesota has lots of bogs. I’ve seen plenty that had floating islands. They smell okay until your foot goes through into the slimy black muck. Then an old bus would be a nice reprieve.

Worst, yet, is when the stirrer sometimes falls and crushes the local populace. Poor Doug McLean.