Yessss! Going to College! And I have a tan!

Well, I’m on Spring Break from the ol’ High School, and my dad decided that it would be cool if the whole family (me, mom, pop, sis, and grandma) went on a cruise together, to celebrate…uhmmm…well, boats, I guess. It made for a great week, with a lot of memories and some very nice stories to share at a later date in time, but some nifty bullet points about why it kicked ass are:

Biking in the Jamaican rainforest, ending in a swim in a secluded cove, was one of the more gorgeous things ever.
-The water temperature in the Caribbean is 70-80 degrees on a bad day.
-There were no bad days.
-The sun was actually shining. This is not something a Pittsburgher like myself is used to seeing in March.
-Not only did I buy an ugly shirt for myself, I ALSO got a new hat. Whee!
-There is, for people uncertified in the Scuba arts, a wonderful little outing thingie called “Snuba,” which allows you to go diving deeper than snorkling. Basically, it’s a cross between snorkling and scuba. Odd, but fun.
-The drinking age in international waters is 18, and I recently joined the ranks of legal adults. The novelty of this fact wore off when I realized that I had no intention of getting plastered, and I don’t like drinking in the first place. That’s why I don’t do it here at home anyway. So, it ended up being pretty much just a glass of wine with dinner every night.

But another highlight of this week would have to be the fact that upon arriving home tonight, there was a big letter from American University offering me admission to their fine School of Communications. Not only that, but they also invited me to be a part of their honors program, as well as offering a $15,000 Presidential Scholership. This is a good thing.
Technically, American’s a safety for me, but I’m perfectly willing to go down and see the campus before I make any decisions. Also, it was the first school I’ve heard from so far, so my mom has to stop lamenting about how I’m “never going to college.”

All in all, a good week. Happy happy happy!

Congrats Jester!

See? I told you you could drink legally in the Caribbean when you reached 18.

Just got an acceptance letter from Boston College today, meaning that not only am I going to college now, but I actually have a choice in the matter!

Bah! I had 5 choices, but realistically only 2. They accepted you, but can you afford it?

Anyways, good luck! You will get more choices soon.

Another AU acceptee here. After them Macalester and Brandeis accepting me and UMich waitlisting me I haven’t gotten any college mail. Would it kill these people to make friggin’ decision already?