Yesterday I Restrung My Ukulele

Yesterday, using only instructional YouTube videos and my vast intellect, I spent a harrowing thirty minutes restringing Strumsley P. Chordsworth, my ukulele. It was my first time doing something like this (I only bought the thing a few months ago) and I am extremely proud of myself.

So play us a tune then. Something Hawaiian with Hula girls would be nice.

I’m trying to figure out what this is a euphemism for…

Is the subject line a simple statement or a threat?

I felt the same way when I fixed my dryer! As for stringed instruments you are far ahead of me - I haven’t tried to restring my guitar yet. Congratulations for figuring it out and getting it done. That’s quite an accomplishment. :cool:

Now I have to re-string my guitar.


Nnnnnnnnngh… thanks for the very good incentive.

Ukuleles are all the rage in Bangkok at the moment. Really. Have they become popular over there now too? I remember them from Hawaii of course, but outside of old 1940s movies never saw them used much anywhere else. Until recently in Bangkok. Several ukulele shops hhave sprung up here in Bangkok these past couple of years, frequented by college students looking for lessons.

They’re definitely growing in popularity. I wandered into my local music shop not sure whether I wanted to try and learn the guitar, the banjo, or the ukulele. The dude recommended the uke when I told him that I was more interested in learning some simple strumming than in getting all professional and badass.

Also I’m a big guy, so I went for the smaller instrument for the humor value.

Since the ukulele only has four strings, it’s much easier to play than a guitar. A guy who put up a bunch of instructional videos on YouTube commented that the ukulele “democratizes music,” and I kind of agree. It’s very fun and I picked it up faster than any other instrument I’ve ever learned (or failed to learn).

They must be popular because they are among the cheapest stringed instruments for an entry-level. You could later move to guitar if you like it, although the tunings are different. IIRC GCEA vs. EADGBE. Bass guitar is EADG.

Banjos are pricey, aren’t they?

For the love of God, please don’t learn “Over the Rainbow”!

I think an entry-level banjo would be about the same price as a guitar of similar quality. Banjos have a lot more optional “features” than guitars.

One of my problems is that while I have big hands, my fingers aren’t especially long. I have trouble with some of the trickier Ukulele chords already - I’m sure I’d have even more problems on the guitar.

Hey, Israel “Iz” Kamakawiwoʻole’s ukulele version is a classic.

Nice work :slight_smile: I felt that way the first time I restrung my guitar. Does a uke use those tricky little knots at the pegs end? I must have watched that youtube video a dozen times before I figured out how to tie those.

The first video I found wanted me to do some kind of weird knot that I couldn’t figure out, so then I found one that just said “stick the string through the hole and turn the peg.” I went with that one and it worked great.

The harder part was the other end - each string has two holes, and you kind of loop the string through and under, and then through all the others so that the combined pressure of all the strings hold the rest of them down… it’s really weird and I’m knot (heehee) describing it well.

edit: Posted a picture that is not at all correct. Looking for a better one.

Ok, but that doesn’t mean everybody has to try it once they get a uke. There’s a reason that every guitar store puts up a sign that says “No Stairway to Heaven”. [citation needed].

Or saxophones and “Careless Whisper” as of late, or uhh… a recorder and “Hot Cross Buns”. Or chopsticks on pianos, but only cliched on giant foot-pianos.

So your dog does in fact have fleas?
Glad to hear Strumley made it through fine.
My mom has played for 65+ years and leads a groups of 30+ folks in a Uke Group - she has, oh 50 ukes of varying age and value. They are a ton of fun and very easy to maintain and play. And the fact that they have gotten huge again is really fun. Enjoy!

I heard (but don’t know myself) that this website is very good for those who want to learn ukulele.

Good for you!

One of these days I should get myself a better uke than the $20 I have now.

I wind up there sometimes - usually I Google the song I want to learn and then go to whichever site has the best version I can find.

I’m currently working on this.

My advice (as a guitar stringer of more years that I care to admit) for the peg end is the over and under method :-

pull the string through the hole keeping a bit of slack, but not too much.
wind the peg round, let the free end pass under the string
keep winding. when the free end comes round again, let it pass over the string
wind until tight and tune.
trim the free end

The string through the hole is trapped above and below by windings, and held in place by the tension of the string. Works a charm, but takes a bit of co-ordination as some strings require a bit of tension during the winding, provided by a finger on the nut holding the string down.

Good Luck