Yet another (and hopefully the last) British line of succession hypothetical

Suppose that it is discovered that Charles had an illegitimate son with Camilla (or indeed with any other woman), sometime prior to the birth of William. Would this person join the line of succession, between Charles and William?

According to Wiki::

So any child born out of wedlock would not join the line of succession.

Do they have to take the surname, Snow?

This doesn’t bode well for Harry.

Why? Prince Harry’s legal parents were married when he was born.

this is the case of india hicks. india is in the line of succession, her 4 children are not. she and her ummmm…have been together for years but never married.

Hey, we’re trying to breed some good looks into that family after hundreds of years of inbreeding. Don’t go thinking about reversing the process!

Persistent rumours…

Even if he were the offspring of another man, as long as he was born during the marriage of his nominal parents Harry would qualify as being legitimate. It is only actual out-of-wedlock birth that would make someone illegitimate.

Holy smoke. Citing FreeRepublic citing the Sun citing a book by a discredited “energy healer.” This is the trifecta of bad cites. It may be the worst cite of all time! :dubious:

Parliament could, in theory, insert illegitimate offspring into the line of succession (as was done with Queens Mary I and Elizabeth I), but it’s extremely unlikely to happen. For starters unlike in the 16th century nowdays there are 15 other realms sharing the same monarch who’s parliaments would need to approve the change.