Yet Another Daylight Savings Question

Why not just split the difference?

Instead of moving the clocks ahead an hour in the Spring, and then back an hour in the Fall, why not adjust them 30 minutes and call it a day?

India’s time zone is UTC +05:30 and nobody seems to care much about it…

It’s about balancing the good and the bad. In the summer, sunrise is so early that we can get away with making it an hour later. Sunrise in the winter is already pretty late. You want to add another half-hour to it? No thanks.

Because that doesn’t meet the need that DST was set out to serve.

Here’s a better idea. First of October, set the Calendar back a month, and do September over again. Then in the spring, set it ahead again, go straight from February to April. If you can fool people with an hour, why not with a month? Eliminate a whole month of winter, the same way we eliminate an hour of night.

But, when would I celebrate my birthday? :stuck_out_tongue: You’ve also gyped me out of my corned beef and cabbage!

Or we could adjust the clock by 10 minutes every month and keep the sunrise at roughly the same time all year!

I like Ray Magliozzi’s idea of Double-Dog Daylight Saving Time.

Daylight Saving Time.


Because DST is already a compromise.

And yes, it’s “Daylight **Saving **Time.”

Lousy Smarch weather.

Ahh, the bane of my existence twice a year. Why do inferior things like imperial measurement and daylight savings time gain such momentum that they can never be stopped?

We have a certain George Hudson to blame for starting the madness - all so he could spend more leisure time collecting bugs. Loser.

It’s funny, but I don’t see many complaints about it in the fall. I would suggest we continue to have time changes twice a year, but always back, never forward.

Sure, we’d need to schedule another leap year every 12 years, and it would be dark in the day and light at night some years, but we could adapt!

The brother of Thailand’s P.M. (now a criminal fugitive), had a zany idea, when he was P.M., to put Thailand permanently on a “Daylight Saving” clock. The idea is that investors in Singapore and Hongkong, eager to buy Thai stocks but unable to wait an hour, were diverting money to countries in the timezone an hour ahead of Thailand. If Thailand opened its stock exchange an hour earlier, new investment dollars would flood in!

A seemingly simpler solution – to open just the stock exchange and ancillary financial offices an hour early – was unacceptable. Who would ask Bangkok’s elite in their chauffeured Mercedes to compete with the hoi polloi during rush hour?

The plan was forgotten when it was pointed out that millions of schoolchildren would be waiting for their buses in the dark.

I don’t want to have to change my clocks… period.

Moving ahead an hour and then back an hour seems kind of pointless, and I live on the northern border of the US and presumably benefit from all of this.

Just pick a time in the middle and be done with it. That will be almost as good as what we have now, but with no time changes during the year…

The bit I don’t understand is that so-called “standard time” is only in effect for 5 months of the year, to DST’s seven. If DST really were the appropriate solution for the majority of the time, why wasn’t 8 to 4 standardized as the workday to begin with, instead of 9 to 5?

If having to change your clocks twice is year is a huge problem then you’re living a pretty charmed life.

Workdays are standardized as 9 to 5?

You could always move to Arizona. They don’t observe DST and they have lots of other really interesting views on things.

What I was going to say. I believe the term used was “bane of my existence twice a year”. lucky guy, that This_Just_In…


How much productivity is lost as a result of the time change and how many auto accidents occur because of people driving when they would normally be sleeping?

For hundreds of thousands of years people lived just fine with DST, why can’t we go back to the way it always was…