Yet, another Excel question

I have the output of an Address Book, trying to find which records may have been added or modified in the last month or so.

I have two Excel spreadsheets containing:
First Name, Last Name, Email Address

I have sorted them and then merged them so I have

Andrew Adams
Andrew Adams
Bart Adams
Bart Adams
John Atwood
Becky Brown
Becky Brown

Is there anyway to “extract” that unique record?

If the data is in column A, then in the second cell of another column put:

=IF(OR(A1=A2,A2=A3),"",“This is new”)

Copy that to the other cells in that column that have a cell in column A.

Look for the cell with “This is new” in it.

Excel has a feature to filter “unique” records:

What if you have:

FiveTime Champ Five @ Time.Champ
FiveTime Champ Five @
FiveTime Champ FiveTimeChamp @
FiveTime Champ 5 @

What do you want extracted there? Personally, I’d do a pivotchart.

That did it, thanks. As much as a I rag on Micro$oft, Excel is a very useful & powerful application.