Yet another "how do I handle this eBay situation" thread

(Alternate thread title: KKB experiences omni-directional rage because of FedEx)

So I bought a Tempur-Pedic pillow off of eBay.

I send my money by PayPal. :slight_smile:

Pillow ships (yay!) :smiley:

A few days pass. :o

My pillow doesn’t show. :confused:

I check the tracking number. It says it was delivered. :confused: :confused:

Tracking says it was already signed for. :dubious:

The “person” who signed for it was “Front Door”!?!? :eek:
(Mind that there are 30+ units in this building, something that any idiot can see. The rental office also takes deliveries - FedEx should know this since I picked up FedEx deliveries from there before.) :mad:

And I run out of userful smilies…

I e-mail the seller, asking for a refund, another pillow, whatever. (Assuming, of course, FedEx will reimburse him for shipping costs/costs of goods sold. My understanding is that it’s no big deal.) This was last Thursday.

No answer yet, so I e-mail him again on Sunday. No answer yet, so I got his contact info off of eBay and will probably call him tomorrow or Thursday.

Is this the right approach, or should I try contacting eBay, PayPal, or FedEx first? Calling the seller seems like the natural order of escalation to me, but maybe contacting one or more of the other concerned parties would give me more leverage?

Gah, sometimes I hate eBay. :mad:

And then I found out a happy orthodox jewish man stole it! ;j

I’d contact FedEx since they’re the morons who delivered it wrong in the first place. Although it’s doubtful, maybe they know what happened to the package. At the very least, you could find out what their policy is regarding reimbursement, and have that info on hand when you contact the seller.

Good luck to ya!

My .02:

It is Fed Ex’s screw up, not the sellers. Hopefully he can make some inquiries for you, but I don’t think he is under any obligation to send another one to you.

Contact FedEx – they fucked up, and they have dozens if not hundreds of people whose job it is to solve these problems. Your seller simply might not check his email every day, since as far as he knows everything’s jake and there’s no reason for him to do so.


Slight hijack

What if the shipper uses the Post Office (no return receipt) instead of FedEx?

My package eventually got here (after 2 weeks) but I was sweatin’ bullets.

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KRM, My .02 to that:
If a buyer knows that the shipper is sending it via “untraceable” post and is OK with it, once again it is the buyers problem.

Personally, I’ve done probably 100 or so transactions via ebay, most of which were sent via Mail and I’ve never had a problem. Some have taken over 2 weeks to arrive, but I always give 3 weeks to be on the safe side and I have yet to be dissapointed (we’re talking about parcels here, not letters). I only deal with people that have a decent feedback rating so that gives me a bit of faith.


Would you leave any kind of feedback?

KRM - My opinion is, if you didn’t specify insured shipping and pay for that, you can’t hold it against the shipper if the package didn’t arrive. Insurance is cheap enough - you should always specify that you want your purchase shipped via a trackable and insured method.



In my case, insurance wasn’t offered, not explicitly anyway. In hindsight I guess I should have required it (even thought everything worked out alright anyway).

And I have to use the post office because I live waaaaaayyyy out in the country and UPS has a terrible time finding my house.

Okay, I guess I’ll be giving FedEx a peace of my mind (the part that has all the curse words, most likely :wink: ) later tonight. Wish me luck.

Okay, I guess I’ll be giving FedEx a peace of my mind (the part that has all the curse words, most likely :wink: ) later tonight. Wish me luck.

If I never received anything at all?

Probably either a neutral or none at all.

Well, FedEx was of no help at all. They basically said to file a claim, they would reimburse the seller (because this helps me) and the seller would then send me a replacement item.

At this point, not really holding my breath.

I would not leave neutral or bad feedback- the seller did what he agreed to do- it’s not his fault Fed Ex lost the package. File the claim and wait- it’s all you can do at this point.

Does your apartment building have a mailroom or a desk attendant that you could follow up with? Is it possible that your package is being held for you by the management?

I’d give positive feedback. But wait & see what happens with a refund first. e.g. they should give you a refund. Thing is, how do they know it wasn’t YOU that signed for it?

Yes, and no. Yes we have an office that normally takes packages. If, you know, the delivery guy bothers to drop it off there.

And, no, it’s not there. :frowning:

Oh, and it appears as if the seller, for God knows what reason, decided to check the “no signature required” box on the airbill, so it really is his fault.

Man, I really should have started this thread in the Pit.

That is irresponsible on their part and I’d be pissed too.