Yet another iPod question...

Okay, so I’ve recently bought a pod and fill it with music from my roommate CPU. I’m going home this weekend and was wondering is there is any way I could transfer all my music from my pod to my CPU at home?

iPod Agent will do what you want. It doesn’t work for thieves though, so uh, yep.

Good times, thanks!

If you’re using Windows, you can just have Windows Explorer show the hidden files which is where the music is under the iPod drive when it’s plugged in.
Go to Windows Explorer, click on Tools, Folder Options, and then View. Then click on “Show Hidden Files and Folders”, click apply and you’re set to go.
The main drawback for this is the way the iPod seemingly randomly stores the songs and for me it was a lot of searching through folders to find songs.

[nitpick]Your CPU can’t store music. Your hard disk can.[/nitpick]