Yet Another LASIK thread - this time in Korea!

So I’m seriously considering having LASIK done on my eyes while I’m in Korea. I’ll be here until August, which, according to the place I went to on Monday, is plenty of time for the requisite post-op checkups. I’m a US citizen, by the way, so I’ll be going back to the States come August.
So why in Korea? Well, when I go back to the US I won’t have much time due to school. Plus, it’s fairly cheap here (~$1500) and it comes with a lifetime guarantee, so if I need a correction later, it’s free. Of course, I’ll have to go back to Korea for the surgery, but I’ll take almost any excuse to come back to Korea.
The clinic is well known, did a great job with my cousin and many others, and I’m honestly not concerned with the fact that it’s in Korea and not in the US. But should I be?
so far the best arguments I’ve heard against it is that in the States if something goes wrong later, it’s easy to get to the clinic. But what about skill level differences? For what it’s worth, my corneas are thicker than average, and my right eye falls under low-level myopia and my left eye under medium-level myopia, so nothing that should cause any complications.
Really, not having to deal with glasses is something of a dream. I have the money, I have the time, I definitely have the desire, but I’m still second guessing the whole thing.

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