Yet ANOTHER Middle East thread

from here:

…wherein he states, basically, that the only solution to the conflict between the Palestinians and the Israelis is to have Israel withdraw to a fortified encampment and wait the other side out. Not his words, of course, but that’s the basic gist, as I see it.

Which, in my more deluded moments, is what I think is necessary, also. NOTE: I’m not saying it’s wise, fruitful, possible, etc…whatever. Just that the situation has reached the point where no peace is possible. There are plenty of zealous Palestinians that have said, in so many words, that they will NEVER stop attacking Israel. EVER. FOR ANY REASON. And there are plenty of zealous Israelis who have the same attitude towards Palestinians. The vast middle-of-the-roaders are being shoved aside by their more strident brethren.

And the U.N. (which…correct me if I’m wrong…was created just for this purpose, to maintain world peace) can/(is unwilling) to do nothing. I’ve had this dream for years where the U.N. basically lands an invading force, takes over Jerusalem and tells both sides that they can’t have it. And then physically separates the two warring sides. Sort of the world version of a parent having to sit two teenagers in their own corners until they behave themselves.

I’d love to see how fast that war gets resolved when a 100,000 man force from all over the world starts seriously getting organized…naaaaah, never gonna happen. :frowning:

Quite frankly, I think the wall idea works well too. Problem is, it ain’t that easy to build a wall the length of Rhode Island. Remember that the Berlin Wall was only around a city, pretty much.