Yet another neighbor/complex/laundry rant

Hi, old lady starting your laundry, then working out in the fitness center. Yes, you. I know exactly what you did. How do I know? Because you were watching me the whole time I was in there to take my laundry out of the dryer. You had a guilty look on your face…and when I looked at you, you immediately looked away.

Do you think it’s cute? Do you think you deserve to take my laundry out while it’s still damp, and the dryer is still running so you can use the dryer I paid for to dry your clothing? Guess what? I don’t think it is at all. You know what else? I know these dryer’s are on a 90 minute timer…and when I come back after 60 minutes to damp clothes sitting on the counter and someone else’s stuff where mine was, I know exactly what happened.

I paid my $1 to use the dryer, and gosh, besides the 3 that I used(I started the other 2 before the emptied one, and they were still running), there are 5 others there, none of which were being used. So, are you cheap, a thief, or just rude? which is it? I wouldn’t mind you using any leftover time after I took my clothing out. But I do like to actually have my clothes dry. Otherwise, I’d put them on straight out of the washer.

So, rude laundry lady, don’t do it again. Or next time, you may find a red crayon dropped in with your nice white clothing.

Oh, and to the neighbor who likes to let your dogs shit next to my car door, and then leave it there? My car may not be great, but it’s the only one I have. I do occasionally have to drive in the pre-dawn or post-sunset hours, and if I step in your dog’s shit again, you’re going to find it placed nicely outside your apartment door. We do have designated areas for pet walking. I know, I know, you’re new in the complex. Well, it was explained to me when I moved in, and I don’t even have a pet, so I know that you know. Use said area. Or, if you refuse to use that(because I know that 10 feet of extra walking will kill you), clean up after your dogs. You made the choice to have 2 dogs, so you need to be responsible for them.

Of course you could spread the old lady’s laundry in front of your car door. Solves 2 problems at once!

I can sympathize with you. Mrs.Wahoo and I are looking for a house and when we move out of our apartment our neighbors in the complex are going to learn exactly what I think of them.

I like the idea of the red crayon - if that was me, I’d do exactly just that, providing it was impossible to get caught. Either that or return the favour and dry your clothes on her money. If she kicks up a fuss about it, simply point out that she did the same to you, and therefore you assumed she wouldn’t mind having the same done to her.

As for the dog shit - I don’t know how you’d get on in the US, but here in England, we can report such matters to the Environmental Health Dept. People who let their dogs crap anywhere they like, and don’t bother to clean it up, can face a £500 fine. Check it out, and see if such laws apply in your area. If not, and you know who left it there, simply pop it in an envelope and leave it in their mailbox. What I would call returning goods to their original owner.

OOOOoo. Lsura, I would be furious and pitch a hissy fit. Really, that shit chaps my hide. When you put clothes in a public dryer, you should be able to know that people will keep their mitts off. Unless, you happen to be one of those twits who think that your dollar rents that dryer for the whole day. But that’s neither here nor there.

I would of pulled her stuff out and threw it on the floor.

Someone did that shit to me once and I pissed in the dryer. 8^)

Mental Note: Move into apartment complex with Washer/Dryer in each apartment (they exist, I’ve seen it).

Hmm, on second thought maybe I should just live with my parents until I can buy a house.

Ahhhhh! I have to laundry tonight and I am dreading it because I know that while the dryers cost $1, they only run for about 40 minutes, which doesnt get my clothes dry. And now I know that out there, somewhere, are dryers that run for an entire 90 mintues for only $1.

Aside from that, I completely sympathize with your plight, Lsura. Both the laundry and the damn people who dont pick up their pets crap. sigh

I say put the dogshit in the dryer instead. Save the messy clean up for the recipient.

Kill two birds with one stool.

Ugh. That’s just horrible, Lsura!

And those dryers are pretty bad about getting yer stuff done. Ours are $1.25 per load. Since there’s only one of me, I have two loads that need to be washed and dried - $5 in total. Ah! But then when I take either of the loads out of those ancient dryers, they’re not done, are they? Nope! Gotta put them back in… for another $1.25, of course.

Luckily, our complex has a laundry service, too. Ya call up the rental office and put in an order for the service, then leave the basket of clothes, the detergent and fab. softener, and the money for the machines in your apt. by the door. They come during the day, take yer stuff, run the machines, and have them all back to you by about 5pm. No additional fee! :cool:

Man, where do you live, and are there any vacancies?

Heh. Laurel, MD. I dunno, maybe. Thinkin’ of leaving it, personally. :stuck_out_tongue:

I lived at an apartment complex once where a couple of my neighbors were at war. One of them dumped a bunch of crawdads into the dryer when their enemy neighbor was drying their clothes in it.

The whole complex stank of seafood, we all had a good laugh, and the crawdad prankster got… evicted!