Yet another pube thread.....

I usually don’t even respond to threads involving “pubes” or “do you like anal sex” or “do you like it when your girlfriend swallows”, etc, as I can just picture some demented 14 y.o. kid whacking off reading the thread. And that just ain’t healthy :wink:


I feel I have a legitimate question to ask… and its not the type I would ask the store clerk :). Is there a product that you know of that you can use for “hair care” in the pubic region? The hair removal creams and products I have seen explicity state that they are not for use in the pubic region (eg - Nair). Wax doesn’t exactly look like a fun product to use on your scrotum. There has to be something easier than shaving. Does anybody know of a product you can safely use to get rid of unwanted hairs in the area? This is for both a male/female perspective.


There are a number of threads out there already addressing this issue. I started one a few weeks ago myself for the same reasons you have stated in your thread.

The consensus seems to be that you can:

A) Shave, but you need to keep doing it or it will itch.
B) Wax - :eek: Ouch!
C) Nair - Some say it is a bad idea, some say it doesn’t hurt at all. I think this is something you want to be very careful with. I don’t even want to think about how much it COULD hurt.

I have tried to find a professional service that will do this for me, as I am afraid I will injur myself in the process. So far, no one seems interested in doing it.

If you find anything that works, let me know.

Well crap. I even did a search. My speling musta beeen bahder than I thot :wink:


I got a rash from Nair last time I used it on my legs. I can’t even imagine using it elsewhere… :eek: