Yet another sign of the impending collapse of civilization

We’ve taken one more step toward the brink. I saw today some new Cliff’s Notes. Already the choice of people who would rather regurgitate pat answers rather than read and think they have gone one step further. Now you can get the Cliff’s Notes packaged with a copy of the movie. Yes, now you can just watch the movie rather than doing the reading and get your pre-digested analysis of the book without the inconvenience of having to go to two different sections in Barnes and Noble.

It’s a small comfort to me that the kids doing this will at least see a decent movie for most of these.

I wonder if they package the Demi Moore film adaptation with the Cliff Notes for “The Scarlett letter”. Or the Audrey Hepburn adaptation with “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. That would make it very easy for the teacher to weed out who read the book vs. who skipped it for the notes/film.

What about a Cliff’s Notes of the movie?

So jumping through the hoop isn’t good enough? Now we have to pretend that we enjoy it?

I love to read books. I’ve hated every “literature” class that I’ve been subjected to.

Now you’re talkin’!

Once or twice I’ve actually used Cliff’s Notes as they are officially intended (hah) to be used: as a supplement to, rather than a substitute for, reading the actual book. I read the chapter synopses after reading the chapters themselves, to make sure I hadn’t missed anything.

I often read Cliff’s Notes, SparkNotes and watch film adaptations to supplement my reading. If there are a vast number of characters, such as in Dicken’s Bleak House, it is very helpful for me to have a visual reference that I can bring up in my mind to keep the scenes clear. (I am one of those visual learners, though.)

I recently graduated with my BA in English Literature, and I am moving on to a Masters in Teaching program for high school English. I plan to show movie clips and supplement with summaries etc. when appropriate but not as a replacement for the reading. In my opinion, whatever helps one grasp a clear notion of what one is supposed to be thinking critically about is key.

By the way, BBC’s 2005 Bleak House was wonderful. :cool:

Been around for years.

What we need are Cliff’s Notes of Cliff’s Notes. So you don’t have to bother reading all the Notes.

This comic has some relevancy to the discussion. I think.

If I were writing the notes, I’d definitely put in a “book vs. movie” section.

Got that covered too.

“When even the Cliff’s Notes are just too long, come here.”

This has been going on for longer than you think. My mother tells the story of being in high school(late 40’s). Classmate has to do a book report on* Bambi*. He gave a report based on the Disney movie. Teacher was not pleased.

Perhaps an ACTG version contained in a virus that the instructor can spritz up each student’s nose as they walked into class. Of course there would still be a certain percentage that would be resistant.

Yes, students have been watching the movie instead of reading as well as reading the Cliff’s Notes rather than reading their assignment as long as they’ve been available. It’s a new development that you can now get both cheating options in one convenient package.

I watched the Anthony Edwards-Mare Winningham clunker “Miracle Mile” last night. Denise Crosby’s character is seen reading the Cliff’s Notes to Gravity’s Rainbow. :eek:

Those are hilarious!

I had no idea Bambi was derived from a book :o .