Yet another tipping question re: credit/debit cards

I used to deliver picca for four years, si I consider myself to be pretty good regarding North American tipping etiquette.

When you have a pizza delivered, it’s considered good form to give the driver a tip. When I was delivering, carry our orders didn’t require a tip. Now, though, I’m finding that there’s an increasing amount of carry-out restaurants that include a spot for a tip on the credit card receipt that is printed at the time of purchase. I’ve also seen spots for tips at sit-down restaurants where there is no table service; i.e. no wait staff.

When a carry out food place includes a spot for tips on the receipt, are you supposed to leave one? Do the workers expect one?

POS machines can be configured to automatically print a tip percentage guide at the bottom of the receipt, regardless of it’s applicability. Carry-out orders are sometimes prepared by a server (who expects a tip) and sometimes prepared by a hostess who doesn’t. I assume that you’re talking about a buffet, in your sit-down no-service scenario, give em a few bucks, they make very little.

If you don’t know ask. If you do, you will recieve the most polite, informed, and appreciative information on tipping at that particular establishment that you could possibly hope to recieve. Amazing how much ass-kissing one will do for a good tip.

Questions about appropriate tipping are welcomed by tipped employees. They will probably tell you what an average tip, and a really good tip are. Give them the better than average tip, now you know what is appropriate and can base your future dealings with that company accordingly.

Hmmm… the local bakery – a freestanding bakery; not one of those “inside the grocery store” things – had a line for a tip on the receipt. I figured it was just a badly configured POS system – I hope I wasn’t expected to leave a tip. It was good, quick, on-the-spot service, and I would have left one, I guess, if I’d known that it was proper to do so. So, uh, I second the question! :slight_smile:

The cafeteria at my work has a tip line on the receipt. The manager just used the POS system defaults, most likely.

A tip line appearing on a receipt likely means nothing by itself. Tip where it’s traditional for you to tip in your area. I don’t think the unwritten tipping rules are changing that fast.

Another vote for businesses that goofed the terminal setup.

Last month, I bought some toner cartridges at a local computer shop, and there was a tip line on the slip. Perhaps if the service tech did really well? Otherwise, I’m not giving someone a tip just because they’re standing at the cash register.

If there is a line for a tip and you don’t plan on leaving on make sure you line through the tip line and write the total on the total line. Otherwise someone could add a tip after the fact.

I always ask if there’s a delivery charge. If there is, most or all goes to the driver, so I tip less or not at all .

If you consider .10 out of a dollar to be most. Many drivers used to get paid .65 a delivery for gas, wear and tear as mandated by law. Since the addition of 1.00 delivery charge, the driver now gets .75 for the delivery. That extra dime is all you’re giving him from the delivery charge. Like I said just ask them, they should be pretty up front about the situation.

I only tip when service directly to me is outstanding. Less than outstanding, less tip. Poor service, no tip. I do not give a tip for poor service, ever. At buffets, I only tip if the “table clearer” keeps my table clear when I go for more food. He or she must be quite attentive.

The question you need to ask is, is the potential tippee paid a salary that is lower than minimum wage because the employer or industry has successfully argued that these employees will receive tips?

Our delivery charge is 2.00. I get .75 from it. A lot of people assume that I automatically get the 2 bucks so they don’t tip. :frowning:

As for the tipping. Our machine automatically prints the tip line. Even for carry out. We don’t expect tips all the time. Most people who tip when they payed with a credit card, tip me with cash.

Ditto on what ** In Conceivable ** said. Alot of people are too trusting. They leave the tip line blank alot. We usually put a zero thru the tip line for carry out and we inform the people to total out the slip for delivery. Some people still don’t.