Yet another virtural wedding!! (Sk8rixtx & Mechanichik)

Sk8 and I are getting virturally married!

Racinchik is the maid of honor so far and a few other people claimed other things but I dont remember who the are and what they claimed. so if you want to be in our wedding party all of the other spots are open!

I’ll be there, if only to do inaproppriate things with racinchikki when nobody’s around :wink: :smiley:

With all this going on, i need a virtual fling at the very least. Any-buddy interested?

Jeez…it’s an epidemic.

Congrats, guys. May you have lots of electronic happiness.

(That second sentence looks a little odd, for some reason.)

WHOOOOOO!! First I’m a flower girl, now Im the groom!

ok Racinchikki has made fun of me many times now because I keep spelling virtual wrong. IM SORRY OK?!? Ive known you for how long racin!! you know I cant spell to save my life! but Im special, I have a pink feather boa and you dont!! :stuck_out_tongue:

so sk8, whats our wedding song gonna be?

i know i don’t count, but i vote for some Metallica or something alternative, that has nothing to do with relationships at all

I think “who let the dogs out” would be a good song.

That implies that you’re a dog.

oh right… that wouldnt be good…

we got virtually married!! woo hoo!

Awww. :slight_smile: Well. Happy Wedding to all, and to all a good fuck…

        " **