Yet another "What's the song in that commercial?" thread

So a few months ago, they were palying a commercial for a Volkswagon Jetta and I happen to really like the music. There’s no words, its mainly just an acoustic guitar being strummed and kinda running up a scale. Fairly upbeat, especially toward the end.

I can’t remember too much about the commercial except I think they were showing a map of the southwest and explaining you could drive from city A (like Denver or something) all the way to city B (Tuscon, perhaps) on a tank of gas. It was something like that.

I know this is all fairly vague, but does anyone know what this song was? Or if it even was a real song? I’m open to the fact that it was something written just for the commercial, but I’m hoping someone out there might know for sure one way or the other.


I only browse around Cafe Society about once every two weeks or so and the last few times I’ve been here there’s always a question about VW commercials :smiley:

Anyway, start with radioVW

and also check out the VW music CD in their store. Maybe that’ll help.