Yet another "What's this kid's book?" thread

I used to have a book about a fox and an ox. It was a rhyming book, and the ox started things off with his tail caught in a rail. The fox, who was either trying to be helpful or else just for the sheer orneriness of it, keeps suggesting ways in which the ox can get himself out of his predicament. Eventually the ox, besides having his tail caught in a rail, has a tack in his back and various other rhyming things wrong with him.

I remember reading this book over and over when I was a kid - I can even see the picture of the ox lying on that tack - but I don’t remember the title. Ring a bell for anyone?

Definitely rings a bell, but my brain keeps veering off to Drummer Hoff!

But Drummer Hoff fired it off!

I don’t know what book Marlitharn is looking for - it doesn’t even ring a bell for me, but Drummer Hoff was one of the favorites in my house while my brothers and I were growing up.

“There Are Rocks in My Socks Said the Fox to the Ox” by Patricia Thomas, illustrated by Mordicai Gerstein.

THAT’S IT! Thank you! Off to see if it’s still in print…

I knew instantly what book you were looking for. It was my daughters favorite except for “Leo the Lop”, I nust have read them to her at least 200 times.

Yep. We didn’t have a copy; we took it out of the library about every other month. It wasn’t until I was in my 20s that my mother went out and found copies (I think it was hard to do) and gave them to my nieces and nephews. Great book. I loved those illustrations.