Yet Another 'What's This Song's Name?' Question:

On the local FOX channel, during the Simpsons, a local radion station is advertizing it’s “new breed of Hip-Hop music”. They think that having an incredibly in-shape black guy dancing badly (he knows two moves. Bounce up and down by bending at his knees and Point towards the ground with alternating index fingers) while wearing no shirt and sweating profusely will entice me to listen. They’re wrong.

However, the fact that FOX plays this commercial every 12 seconds has pounded a fragment of a particular “hip-hop” song into my brain. I want it out. Reading the lyrics may do it. But until I discover the title and artist, I’m stuck.

The fragment of the lyric that they play is:

Something-something, something something
(Get me satisfaction?)…sleeping with the girl next door…

Any ideas what the name of this song is?


I think it’s called “It Wasn’t Me,” by Shaggy, and featuring someonem I can’t remember.
Yah, that song does get stuck in your head very easily.

That was it!!

Thank’s ThisYearsGirl! It’s been bugging me for a couple of weeks now!