Yet another WWII question: return to Dunkirk

Sorry if this was asked before, I couldn’t find it.

During Operation Overlord the landings obviously happened at Normandy. The Germans thought that the landings might happen at Calais. Was there ever any thought to landing at Dunkirk? I would think that it would be a major propaganda victory to do so.

Would the terrain not be suited for a landing? I have seen pictures from the evacuation and there appeared to be a large beach but I have not done a comparison.

One other problem I could see would be that it may be too close to Calais. They did hope to keep German troops at Calais waiting for the landing that didn’t come. Dunkirk isn’t that far away on the map.

So was Dunkirk ever considered for the landing?

According to Wikipedia

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So the Germans had reinforced Dunkirk after they captured it, and I guess the Allies decided there were other places that would be easier to attack.

A book I am now reading states more than once that 17th century Dunkirk was somehow virtually cut off from the rest of France. I just now looked up “Geography of Dunkirk” and apparently the city is situated in an area of canals and dikes. Such terrain should favor a defender, especially if large areas could be flooded by blowing up the dikes.

Yep, Dunkirk was under siege until the end of the war:

Interesting fact: Calais was English territory between 1346 and 1558.

The Calais area was the obvious way to go and the Germans had invested a good deal in concrete defences and long-range artillery batteries (some of which still survive).
Agent GARBO convinced the Germans for a long time that the Normandy landings were a feint and the real effort would come in the Calais area in the late summer/autumn.