Yevgeny Plushenko thinks he won the Platinum Medal.

Have you seen this thing?

Platinum Medal?

Ooh, I see he just changed his website. Before, it looked like the one in this article.

Now, he’s updated it to take it off. What a baby he is behaving like.

Original Site

Uh, here it is now, by the way. I messed up the original.

I dunno, seems pretty tongue-in-cheek to me. I laughed.

I’m not sure at this point if he’s a big baby or he just has a sense of humour; since I laughed at the original site, I’m going to go with sense of humour. :slight_smile:

Piff. He still has a long way to go to match my 35 consecutive Mithril Medals

Putting this in the context of his overall performance off-rink, I’d go with supreme asshole over funny guy.

I’m going with supreme asshole who thinks he’s a funny guy. He’s truly pissed off at not winning the medal he assumed was his.

Yep. I get that he was upset, but I don’t think it is some kind of judging error like he thinks it is. Evan Lysacek put the key difficult elements in the back end of his long program and received the bonus 10% points for it.

Those are the rules.

By the way, his agent says Plushenko had no idea it was on there. So, who knows?

Plushenko unaware of platinum medal.

I watched both long programs - Lysacek won fair and square with what was probably the skate of his life. Plushenko was all over the place looking sloppy and off. That’s my completely subjective opinion; it sounds like the judging was a lot more objective than that, and they also agreed that Lysacek should win. Time to get over it, Plushy.

And now we’ve got the speed skater who lost the gold when his coach told him to illegally change lanes.

Bingo! You win… a platinum medal!