YFHR Education PSA: Is this realistic?

Youth for Human Rights appears to be a righteous site with no more of an axe to grind than just compassion and the hope of a better world. At least that’s my take.

YFHR supplies short (30 sec to 1 min) Public Service Announcements (PSAs) free to TV stations like our cable channel. They extremely well made, poignant and I like to run them as fillers between programs.

One of them illustrates the Right To An Education. Watch one of the versions; I am posting two kinds:

Education, WMV version (4MB)
Education, MPG version (50MB)

Don’t open my question in the spoiler until you have viewed the video, please!Is it realistic that the “foreign” student, who looks Asian, comes from a village with no schools at all? Are there any places in the world where that is the case?

Just to add to the OP, here is the description of the PSA series given by YFHR:

The MPG version is big, but it is the actual data used for broadcast. The WMV is reduced in size & quality, and is good enough for this purpose.