YHO about Teoma

As you might have noticed, a new search engine was launched recently, Teoma.

I’m surprised about all this ballyhoo that was done before Teoma’s start. The media praised it as something revolutionary and the last word in internet search technology. The operators themselves claim to have come up with new algorithms that seem to grant unequalled quality of search results. Apparently, Teoma could be a real dangerous competitor to the #1 in the business, the Google we all love.

So what are your experiences with Teoma? Is it as good, or better, as Google?

Well, it costs to submit your websites with Teoma, for one thing, and it’s on a subscription basis, so it seems – that’s got to be a plus for Google.

I like the way Teoma sorts. But so far I don’t know if it’s better. Google is still my friend. :slight_smile:

hmmm, the big search I did yesterday on Google came up with only about 30% of the hits I got on Teoma.

I’m not too thrilled at the idea of Teoma because of how links are added and the big thing is that it’s run by the people who run Ask Jeeves the worst piece of shit search engine to grace the internet.

I only played with it a week ago for just a few searches. It is interesting. I can see where it can be useful for some in-depth searching, perhaps saving me time as I try to find associated searches to what search terms I enter.

Will it replace Google? No way. It’s another tool in the arsenal. Always willing to have a different tool somebody offers for free.