Yikes! My Butterscotch is Runny!

I made butterscotch pies from scratch today. The recipe says to cool the butterscotch before filling the pie shells. It’s fairly cool now and it’s still runny. I’m assuming it should be a pudding-y consistancy.

Is there anything I can do to to salvage the consistency of the butterscotch?


Make whipped cream and mix it with the butterscotch and call them butterscotch cream pies?


1.5 C Brown Sugar
6 T Cornstarch
1.5 C Milk
3 Egg Yolks
6 T Butter
1 t Vanilla

Mix together corn starch and milk using a gravy shaker. (heh, it’s Gran’s recipe) Separately mix together butter and sugar then add egg yolks. Add that mixture to the cornstarch mix. Stir while heating until boiling. Then add vanilla and remove from heat. Let cool before placing in pie crust.

As I was making it, I had difficulty getting the mixture to the boiling point before scorching even on a medium heat.

Put it in a microwaveable bowl much larger than the filling. Microwave the mixture until it boils and expands. Unless you get it hot enough the cornstarch will not set. You will need more cornstarch if it’s still runny after it cools down this time. Did you mess up and use teaspoons instead of tablespoons? Do not add cornstarch to the hot mixture.

I always microwave something like this as it does not scorch the mixture. You get a nice product every time. Just remember to stir it every minute or two once it gets hot and watch it for the point where the mixture starts to expand rapidly. That’s the time to stop it.

Thank you! I used the microwave method and while it was a little lumpy even after whisking, but it tastes and looks mahvelous!

Thanks a bunch for saving a Christmas pie! :slight_smile:

You’re welcome.

Now I don’t have to check back on the board again.

and to all a goodnight.