Yikes!(ZoneAlarm users, a question)

I’ve recently downloaded a copy of ZoneAlarm Pro, under suspicion that my computer had been hacked again. It’s worked perfectly, however in the 18 or so hours since I downloaded it, I’ve had 176 intrusions blocked, 104 of which have been high rated. Is that a high number? Should I be worried?

Well, my running totals are 36856 intrusions/11572 high-rated since installation. I’ve got a couple hundred for today. It’s not unusual.

Is the Pro version that much better than the freebie? I’ve been thinking of upgrading.

My copy is a free 30 day version of ZoneAlarm Pro.

I’ve got 110 116 since feb.22 2002. Nothing to worry about.

ZoneAlarm falls on the “raving paranoid” side of firewalls, as it classifies a wide swath of innocent network traffic as hostile attacks. It does a disservice, in my opinion, as it causes new users to promptly wonder if the entire FBI is trying to break into their computer.

So: Don’t be worried, but keep up with security updates both for your OS and your firewall.

Oh, ZoneAlarm thinks EVERYTHING is a hostile intrusion.