Y'know what show I'm kind of diggin? Cold Case

Anyone else tuning into this show? I really like it. I mean, it’s not like I’d race home to see it if I were out, but then I’m rarely out on a Sunday night and so I’ve flipped it on the past few weeks.

It’s forumulaic, of course, but no more so than any other cop show. I like the way they flip the characters back and forth from old to young, from the present to the past. And the chick who stars in it is well cast; she’s cute, intelligent, and sensitive, but not unrealistically so.

Anyone else have an opinion?

I am torn because I have a huge crush on Kathryn Morris but I think her acting chops are pretty weak. Love those bedroom eyes.

I have thus far avoided “Cold Case” because every promo I see involves Morris making some hideously dramatic statement reflecting her ironclad passion for seeking justice, like “I’m just getting STARTED!!!” or whatever. Always makes me roll my eyes and groan.

I remember Morris when she played the wife of paralyzed New York Jets defensive lineman Dennis Byrd in one of those Lifetime movies several years ago. She had BIG hair.