YMMV and other SDMB abbreviations

I see YMMV in various posts on the SDMB. Given the context in which I see that abbreviation, I infer that it stands for Your Milage May Vary. Though the post may have nothing to do with gasoline usage efficiency, I understand it to mean “these are my results, yours may differ.” Is my inference correct?

I have also figured out

IMHO: In my humble opinion

IIRC: If I recall correctly

TMI: Too much information

And then WAG… I know it has something to do with a Guess. I’m not exactly sure what type of guess, but my WAG would be it’s a Wild Ass Guess (for lack of anything better). What does it really stand for? UGH! I hate ending sentences with prepositions. For what does it stand?! FOR WHAT DOES IT STAND?!!

Any others it would behoove me to know?

Nevermind, I just found this thread: What does WAG Mean? that includes this link: NetLing.

And as the original thread states, I should have looked at FAQ first. I have learned a lesson.

Please ignore me now while I sulk :o

Here’s another helpful thread: ATTN Newcomers - Abbreviation List.

That list doesn’t contain GY*! Which has the makings of a future initialisation.


*Oh you know what it stands for.