Yo HR folks, Does anybody know of a detailed US salary site?

So, good news for me, the company I am working as a contractor for has started the process of hiring me on as employee.
Bad news for me, they negotiate like rabid piranha.
I want to be able to go in the piranha tank with some confidence, and get what I deserve.
I see a lot of general surveys, but nothing with detail. There are several sites that say they have good details, but you have to pay for to see what they have. Now a good sense of what the baseline for me is literally worth thousands of dollars to me. but IT averages are all over the damn place. I have worked databases where I can see the guys that do three times the works, make have the $.
I would happily pay for a report that gives it to me. But I don’t want to pay 250 bucks for “the average is XXXXX.XX in your state in your profession”.
I am an IT dude, who Is a senior programmer and team lead, with a masters and advanced certs in Java and Oracle, working for a ~10000 person company.
Does anybody know of a site( and I know there are people working for the dark side of HR who post here ;)) that can give detail to that level of specificity? I know how to make computers, and entry level developers do what I want, but I know I am out of my depth with HR lawyers, and need some good ammo.

ETA wow sorry, it appears my laptop has lost the ability for paragraph formatting tabs don’t exist apparently anymore, damn that is ugly, But once I get the new salary, I can toss this piece of shit laptop out the window.

Payscale - fill out the survey and you can get data on your position. They are probably the best for us data.