You A Gifted?

The OP confuses me. And I’m gifted.

Once you go snack…

That comic summarizes my entire life.

Taken individually, those words in the OP are all perfectly good words…

I’m unbelievably, incredibly gifted like you wouldn’t believe, but my modesty prevents me boasting about it. Incidentally, I often think my modesty is one of my best aspects, but there are so many to choose from, and they’re all so good, you see…

Man, get out!

(I know, I know…“eats everything”…hey, I’m gifted too, ya know!)

I saw Colbert’s “The Greatest Gift Of All” a couple of years ago. Does that count for anything?

In some ways, I am very gifted.

Lili Von Shtupp: Tell me, schatze, is it twue what they say about the way you people are… gifted?

“Oh, It’s twue! IT’S TWUE!!!”

Oh, wait. There’s also my rugged good looks, massive sexual prowess, charismatic charm and skill at making toothpick models!

…making toothpick models what?

I was considered a gifted child, but I’ve never been the same since attaining adulthood. Multiple psychological disorders later, it’s a miracle if I can function enough to take a shower before heading off to work anymore.

I also forgot to.mention my amazing powers of recall.

“It’s a gift” – Carl LaFong. Capital L, small a, capital f, small o, small n, small g. Carl LaFong.

Poll coming soon?

Here’s my tribute to that great panel.

Gifted ensues.

Me have much giftiness. Know many words.

Yes to ten of those questions. No to making a meaningful contribution as that is way too time consuming.

I was gifted once.
For twenty minutes.