"You ain't so damn funny!"

While searching through lists at IMDb to try to find an actor whose name I couldn’t place I ran across You are NOT funny! with 25 names the list maker took issue with as being unfunny.

This thread has at least two objectives:

  1. Who should be added to the list? (link to at least a picture or IMDb page if you can)
  2. Who definitely needs to come off this guy’s list? (ditto)
  3. Where is an even better list? (link to it/them if you can)

I agree with that list. A few of them are very good actors (I like Jack Black and Robin Williams in most of their roles) but are tiresome and not funny in most other situations, be it for sketches or in real life (interviews and such).

I would add Tracy Morgan on there.

Ricky Gervais?!

The list is nonsense.

Odd how so many unfunny people manage to make good livings as comedians.

I do not, personally, much enjoy the humor of quite a few of the people on that list, but clearly many people, thousands or even millions do. This is not about facts at all, it is about personal taste, and that varies a lot in the case of humor.

Rather than start another dud thread, I’ll just toss it in here:

List of Top 20 Swamp Roaches might be treated the same way as the “funny” folks in the OP. Same criteria

Agreed. Gervais is a comic genius. Jimmy Fallon also should be removed,.

I’d add Jason Alexander, who not only was bad, but also makes anything he touches even worse.

I’d add Howie Mandel. The guy was never able to make me laugh.

I have a few issues with some of the picks, I suppose, but the one that ticks me off the most is Yakov Smirnoff. I mean … what the hell are you picking on him for? He’s been in only slightly more movies (1) than I have in the past twenty-five years … what a country.

Can’t argue with a single entry. Especially Gervais because of how he finds himself so damned funny. Laughing at your own jokes does not make them funnier, it just makes you look like an idiot.

And as Chris Griffin said about George Lopez and his sitcom, “That show only perpetuates the stereotype that George Lopez is funny.”

Comedy is subjective but I will say I never “got the deal” with Danny McBride. He gets talked about by Hollywood like he is utterly hilarious and…well…nope, not to me.

The only one I agree with is Jay Leno. I don’t remember his stand up (that was a long time ago) but I find him to be utterly unfunny. Even boring. Occasionally he will say something funny, because his writers wrote it for him. But most if the time I get the feeling in the hands of someone else the joke would have been so much better.
He just seems like cardboard.

I like Tamsin Greig’s exchange with her kids: “You’re not funny, Mom!” “Right, tell my accountant.”