You are in a nursing home room for four. You are deaf.

Have you never considered not being assholes and using headphones?

Wife got moved from a private room for Medicare reasons. I tried to explain my success (partial) getting her 0n Medicaid to help pay for her care, but two assholes had Grey’s Anatomy on so loud I could barely form a thought. This atmosphere will shove her further down the road to simply denying dialysis and dying. Which, before the move, I admitted I wouldn’t stand in the way of because I wouldn’t force a dog to go through, giving her (power of attorney) my permission to die. :frowning:

Do I buy these twats headset and cable equipment, or gently suggest it to management?

Too assholes had it on too loud for you in their room? And you asked them to turn it down and they did what again?

He’s trying to talk to his wife who is sharing that room for four. Reading for comprehension is hard!

It’s not that they’re deaf, it’s that young people nowadays speak too low and the TV is broken, it keeps getting lower and lower. Headsets are for them stupid kids and hearing aids are for old folk, which they are not.

Sadly, taken directly from my mother’s opinions on the subject. We eventually convinced her to get hearing aids when she found out that her sister could hear perfectly things that she could not. She wouldn’t put them on in the house; after that time she claimed “oh, I just don’t put them on when I’m alone” and I pointed out that I’d be perfectly happy to leave her alone then, now she still forgets them often but at least puts them on at a pointed Look.

This is not without all factual Basis: TV stations have indeed turned down the volume during Shows a bit so that ads Sound louder during the break. (Since we have recordings of Shows decades back, decibels can be measured).

You Need a good Quality Headset if you are hard-of-hearing for TV, not the cheap headphones that People use for Music.

And Hearing aids are not understanding aids. They just amplify sounds, they don’t make clearer what’s hard to understand in the first place. (Despite advances in Computer tech., which try to cancel noise and increase speech).

You Forget why subtitles aren’t turned on - “It’s hard to read so fast/ it distracts me” Yes, but you would understand what’s going on.

My mother complains about the Hearing aids because she still doesn’t understand everything (the old “I’m not Hearing bad, People don’t speak clearly, they mumble” excuse), but also because putting plastic in your ear means sweating, means itching, means Scratching, means Inflammation.
Although I doubt it’s that bad after 30 min. already.
It would help to regularly take them out and dry them (Oh, I Keep forgetting that :rolleyes:), and to flush the ear with mild salt water for desinfection before Inflammation (oh, that’s too much bother :smack:).

It’s still more uncomfortable to wear Hearing aids or Headsets than not. Obviously, People should be considerate, but sometimes prefer their own comfort over other’s discomfort.

Yes, but to have an actual difference you need a time lapse of years. I’m talking about going to Mom’s house and she’s got the TV set to 55, then a month later at 65, for the same show. 55 already was 30 points higher than we would have had it. You could hear the TV from inside the lift, and her door is steel-plated!

Oy. My mom at least is considerate enough to use a Special Headset, because with Hearing aids, she turns the volume to beyond 40* to understand anything, which disturbs the Young students living on the other side of her living room wall. She knows Young students Need their sleep from studying hard.

  • I use 25 to 28, rarely beyond 30.

Have you spoken to the people with the loud TV/music? Sometimes people genuinely don’t realise the trouble they’re causing. Or ask someone to ask them.

When the baby I look after was born, her mother spent longer than usual with her in the post-labour ward and one of the neighbours was playing Top Gear at top level. Bizarre thing to do where babies can be woken up and mothers might need to sleep during the day. They turned it way down after we asked a health care assistant to speak to them. We didn’t ask them directly because they always had the curtains around the bed closed and invading that privacy is not something you do.

It is quite reasonable to ask - shared rooms mean shared noise.

This. Absolutely this. People argue about it with this old audio engineer. No, Normals have no idea what they are missing with shit audio. I prefer in-ear buds where everything I listen to is magnificent, filling the full range of what I can hear, plus the ultrasonics.

Visited her tonight, in a new double room, with one roommate who only makes horrible noises when she’s fed. She said, “Thank you for complaining.”

I said that I was willing to buy the whole room over-ear headphones (not my first choice, but easier to get buy-in), but this seems to have worked, and was cheaper.

It worked until Roomie got fed, started making puking noises, and moaning about, “My bootie.” As there is a Simpson’s quote for every occasion, I passed the encouraging note, “She’ll be dead soon.” Nope, as I left she showed every sign that she’s got four months left in her.

not everyone can wear ear buds or headphones. ear buds are very painful for me to wear. I can use head phones with good padding for awhile but even those make my ears hurt. Ear plugs were miserable until I found those plastic ones (I have to use the childrens size though)

You know, everything must be hard for a fucking imbecile like you.

Ear buds don’t work for me either. I have no idea why. I either have overly sensitive or weird shaped ears or something.

Anyway, I am sorry for your troubles, dropzone and I’m glad that you now have a better situation.