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Betty Crocker now sells “Cheesy Cheddar Au Gratin” potatoes.

Pamela Anderson insists on “No Nudity Clause” for "Stripperella"
Let me get this straight, it’s supposed to be a series about a stripper and there won’t be any nudity. O. K. :confused:

Brought to you by the Department of Repetitive Redundancy Department.

Does the fact that it’s an animated series make it any less weird?

Au gratin means that it has something grated over it. Traditionally, it means bread crumbs, IIRC.

Cheesy and cheddar would be redundant except that these days many things labelled cheddar have no actual cheese in them.

I would think that you’d have a real hard time putting the word Cheddar in the name of a product and not have any cheese in it. Do you have any examples?

No strip clause for a cartoon?


“No strip” clause for Pamela Anderson?

Mondo bizarre.

The Cheddar Gorge Caving Society?

Sorry but I guarantee some of the spelunkers will have cheese in them.

And isn’t Striperella cancelled anyway?

I was thinking of various snack foods. Often they say something like this:

Just like Hershey’s chocolate flavored syrup

How soon we forget the Hitler sitcom:

Plot Outline: In Berlin, 1938, Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun have a love-hate relationship with their Jewish neighbours in this bizarre spoof of 'fifties American sitcoms.

Well, I suppose they could’ve been cheesy mozzerella Au Gratin potatoes. Although, I don’t think Au Gratin potatoes are made with mozzerella. I don’t eat cheese, what the hell do I know?

The thing with Pamela Anderson caught me by suprise too. The woman has spent 75% of her career nearly nude. She’s done how many Playboy spreads? It’s not like she’s Ms. Modest. And it’s not even her! It’s a cartoon! She probably wants her sons to be able to watch it.

Anderson said her kids have seen early clips from her cartoon series but take it all in stride, with Brandon comparing her unfavourably to “Rugrats” character Angelica Pickles. “He said, ‘Angelica is a very good actor, a very good character, and she’s much more famous than you, Mom,’” Anderson recalled with a laugh.

Seems like a possibility, lezlers =)

The use of the word “flavored” is not necessarily redundant. The FDA has standards for foods, like the chocolate mentioned. To be called “chocolate” a food must have a certain percentage of cocoa fat and cocoa powder. Those having only one or the other, or lesser percentages, are what get termed “flavored”

That’s why chocolate “flavored” chips are cheaper that chocolate chips. Usually some or all of the cocoa fat has been replaced by a cheaper fat. This is also done in some candy bars, to make them more “melt resistant”

If it says “chocolaty”, there will be no chocolate.

If it says “buttery”, there will be no butter.

Etc., etc.

So then the “cheesy cheddar” potatoes from the OP may have Cheddar but no cheese? Now I’m really confused!

Does it say what they taste like?

Hot poop, I’m guessing.

Baker, you’ve missed something.If you’ll re-read the thread you’ll see that I’m not saying that “flavored” is an indication of redundancy. I’m saying that it’s an indicator, (in the case of some foods), that whatever comes before the “flavored” part might not even be an actual ingredient of the product. In the case of the cheese flavored snacks I was discussiong how some of them don’t even have any cheese in them.

What exactly does hot poop taste like?

We’ve got a car dealership here in the hellhole that is Jackson, Mississippi that frequently offers “At least up to $3,000 for your trade-in”.

Does that count?