You are the reason I am a tree

I thought you might want to know.

Last year, I asked for SDMB help with a Purim costume and somehow ended up as the sun. For a given definition of “sun”. Basically, I arranged some red/orange/yellow/ish scarves into a headdress, then spent the day confusing the heck out of people. “Okay, so what are you… an autumn tree? Modern sculpture?”

I got the tree comment enough times that I decided, hey, with a little modification I totally could be a tree. An actual recognizable tree. So now I have a (much nicer) headdress of leaves that I just finished sewing. Come Purim (that’s tomorrow night, for those of you not keeping track) I will wear all brown and have my leaf hat on and I will be a tree.

Mundane, pointless, and full of chlorophyll.

You totally should have said “chlorofilled.”


A tree whose hungry mouth is prest
Against the sweet earth’s flowing breast?

A tree that looks at God all day,
And lifts her leafy arms to pray?

A tree that may in summer wear
A nest of robins in her hair?

Whose hungry mouth is pressed
Against the sweet earth’s flowing breast?


Damn right.

Who’s got the leaves that won’t drop out
When there’s winter all about?


Can ya dig it?

I hear that tree is one chlorofilled carbon-sequesterer.

Shut your mouth!

Any way to post a pic?

I wrote a little play for my Sunday School class(second/third graders) based on the story of Esther. Of course all the girls wanted to be Esther and wear the crown, but I gave a lot of scenery chewing to Haman as well.


We’re just talkin’ 'bout Tree.

All you need as an “I’d Turn Back If I Were You” sign and you can whip apples at the kid in the Tinman suit & the girl with the pig-tails.

Ok, maybe that isn’t exactly in the holiday spirit…

You might go with a little Julius Streicher effigy hanging from one of your branches.

(Look up his next-to-last words)

Sounds like a great costume! Good for you. You went out on a limb and decided to branch out a little. Now your creativity has really taken root. Stick with it!

This is my new favorite thread title.

Second place: Should I see Tron before I see Tron?

You win because I love trees. I can’t wait to see pics.


A less emphatic timber to your post, if you wood - otherwise the OP might leaf.

~donates chainsaw to thread participants~


Ugh, terrible, terrible!

Why don’t you make like a tree…

…and get outa here?

Sorry, guys, my mind’s been a bit confused lately. Purim Sunday night. Today is the Fast of Esther, which is usually right before Puriom but never on a Shabbat or Friday. I have not been completely with it at all times.


I don’t like putting pictures of myself on the Internet. Would it be okay if I just showed the hat?

Yes, this year’s costume is working out much better- almost everyone can tell what I am now.

On request:

Not just a tree, you are The Tree of Life!

Etz Chaim!

Now I just have to figure out how to repurpose it for a Seder prop.

looks leaf hat over, turns it around, looks leaf hat under

It’s not like there was a plague of trees…