You call THAT a royal scandal?

Charles II?

On a Channel 4 programme about the former Duke of Kent ( the younger brother of both Edward VIII and George VI ) it was said that he had had an affair with Noel Coward. It just runs in the Family !!

But really…who hasn’t?

I’m not sure how I got here (IMHO), I think I followed a link left carelessly lying around by jjimm, so I have nothing to say, but, IMHO, Greensleeves is a rather jolly tune and all the jollier still if you sing the words of the Jabberwock to it.


Damn you, TGU…damn you to the tulgey wood! Now I’m never going to get that combo out of my head before the Duran Duran concert tonight.

Is it really fair to call that one a scandal? After all, the poor man didn’t choose to go bonkers. Seems to me that a true scandal requires a conscious decision, and a poor one, on the part of the aspiring scandalizer.

I find the theory amusing to say the least – his killer, Walter Tirel, was a member of the Clare family, which was pro-Henry down to their bootstraps. Also, the other brother, Robert, was on his way back from the Crusades, and had William Rufus died later, he, not Henry, would probably have succeeded to the throne. As it was, Henry rode all out for Winchester, seized the treasury, and had himself crowned within three days of William Rufus’ demise. By the time Robert got there it was too late for anything other than a rebellion that failed and a long, long imprisonment.

It’s astonishingly convenient for Henry that his buddy’s arrow just “accidently” happened to kill William Rufus just when he needed him to die. For some reason historians are only too happy to overlook his part in the death. Oh, and…

William II Rufus (1090-1100), was probably homosexual, allowed his young male courtiers to prance about in skimpy costumes (read Orderic Vitalis for the lowdown), had an unexplained fondness for the Jews, and squeezed the church for every dime it was worth. He was also a valiant warrior and was the favorite son of William the Conqueror and his loyal companion, and by most accounts fun to party with if nothing else.

Correction: William Rufus actually reigned from 1087 to 1100. 1090 is a typo.

Oh, and his brother Henry I also allowed two of his own granddaughters to be blinded as revenge. This act enraged their mother (his illegitimate daughter) so much that she attempted to shoot him with a crossbow.