You call THAT a royal scandal?

The recent fuss over (probably false) rumors of Prince Charles getting it on with a palace servant makes me ask, You call that a royal scandal? I’ll give you English royal scandals!

George I (1714-1727), a German who never bothered to learn English, arrived in England with two mistresses, his wife Sophia having been imprisoned for adultery.

George III (1760-1820), gradually went mad during his reign.

George IV (1820-1830), secretly wed a Catholic woman, an fact which would have barred him from ascending to the throne, so his father had the marriage annulled. He is described as being “scandalous with his mistresses and extravagant in his spending”. His second wife, a cousin whom he detested, took their daughter and fled to Italy, where she stayed until George succeeded his father to the throne. George had her barred from the coronation, and she never became queen.

William IV (1830-1837), son of George III, cohabited with an actress for twenty years and fathered ten illiegimate children by her, before his brother George IV died childless, forcing William to abandon his mistress, get married, and act more royal.

Edward VII (1901-1910) was denied any official duties by his mother, Queen Victoria, and he rebelled by completely indulging himself in women, food, drink, gambling, sport, and travel. His wife Alexandra “turned a blind eye to his extramarital activities, which continued well into his sixties and found him implicated in several divorce cases.”

Edward VIII (1936) abdicated the throne after reigning only eleven months, in order to marry an American divorcee.

Anyone else have some good royal scandals?

What I don’t get is why everyone’s so surprised about it. I mean, he did go to public school, after all…

If people would only stop kissing frogs, we would not have these problems.

I should point out that George III’s madness reversed itself as the porphoria he was suffering from wore off. But the Prince Regent deserves some :dubious:s.

Henry VIII should be mentioned too - the fucker wrote Greensleeves! He’s the one responsible for all that terrible hold music.

Yes, compared to the above Charles’ alleged actions are minor.

BUT- he will be Supreme Governor" of the Church of England. I believe that certain sections of the Anglican communion have strong feelings about homosexuality that are not entirely positive :eek: . This would almost certainly interfere with his succession whether these allegations are true or not- if the mud sticks it might be very difficult for him.

Additionally, the full allegations suggest that he allegedly may have become unduly subservient to his alleged partner and may have allegedly paid off another person who was allegedly raped by his alleged partner, allegedly (damned English libel laws.)

The full story also suggests that Princess Diana allegedly was one of those who had immediate knowlege of his alleged proclivities and that she is recorded on videotape saying this, which allegedly was found in Paul Burrell’s attic and of which he may allegedly made a copy, allegedly. This is allegedly his final lump sum for his pension, allegedly. (oh, I’ve come over all Angus Deaton, allegedly :smiley: )

Hey, a doper in my part of the world! Cool, I thought I was the only one.
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What is this “Devon” of which you speak" :smiley:

You’ve come all over Angus Deaton?

That seems a rather personal question.

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English grammar: Discuss:

I’ve come over all Angus Deaton
I’ve come all over Angus Deaton


So is this George Smith really mentally unwell, really an alcoholic and really broke, or does he just like the sound of a starting price of £500,000 for his ‘story’ ?

You forgot Edward II, who seemed to have (and was accused of having) a homosexual relationship with his courtier Piers Gaveston and was overthrown and murdered because of it (legend has it, he was killed by someone shoving a hot poker up his ass, a rather extreme example of gay bashing).

And both Richard the Lionhearted and James I may have also had homosexual affairs. It didn’t stop them from becoming king, and James was head of the Anglican church, too.

Why, I was just singing that in the bath this morning.

Cite? :smiley:

How about that Richard and Henry thing? Scandal-wise, that would seem to occupy an important berth, whether you thing Dorothy Sayers got it right or hold to the more traditional account.

Pick a Plantagenet, any Plantagenet… :wink:

Henry I (1100-1135), probably arranged for his elder brother King William Rufus to be shot with an arrow during a “hunting accident”, had upwards of twenty illegitimate children and once fought a war over one of his mistresses, threw a man named Conan Pilatus off a castle in a fit of pique, and married his thirty-year-old daughter to a fourteen-year-old Frenchman she despised.

According to this website,

Nichol, what do you think of the theory that William Rufus died a willing royal sacrifice, being probably the last English king who followed the old pagan ways?

And what about Edward II, huh? We homosexuals are getting passed over even in a scandal thread, dammit!