You can call dibs on THAT?

I was on the phone with a male friend talking about oral sex and he called “dibs”.

Can you really call dibs on oral? And how exactly do you enforce it?
“Sorry baby, I’d love to do you, but I have dibs, so brace yourself?”
The mind boggles…

Never heard of that before but if it’s the case I’ll take 2nd dibs. :smiley:

Well, I recently saw a girl lose her sexual purity to a guy in a thumb war. Seriously, that was the wager, I don’t know if he collected…


oral sex is just an urban legend.

HEY! Don’t I get to call dibs once in a while? WTF?

If thems the rules then after the oral sex I also call dibs on a whole housecleaning and a 5 course dinner.

Oh yeah and stop and get some beer on the way over.
[sub]Hey, I kinda like this.[/sub]

mouthbreather, I’ll be right over in my sassy little French maid outfit to clean your house and make some dinner, and I’ll bring some kick-butt homebrew that a friend of mine made (unless of course you would like some from the liquor store)…

but I call dibs on your paycheck. Forever. :wink:


It reminds me of an incident that ocurred in my fraterntity, but first a little backstory. Whenever someone goes on a trip and more than one person goes with him, shotgun must be called. As such, we also gave names to the other spots, namely shotgun, shotgun-backdoor (behind passenger), and shotgun-other-back-door (behind drier) (bitch is still bitch.) Well, this trend of calling shotgun has transversed onto other things, calling seats in the living room, calling food at dinner-time, etc…

Anyways, one night at a party, a cute girl walked in. One of the un-attached brothers looks at her, and calls shotgun. Not thinking, I called shotgun-backdoor…then it hit us, and we laughed our asses off. The poor girl never realized why she was as funny.


I think I can live with that. You do know that I am street vender who sells Italian Ices in rural Alaska, don’t you? Hey It’s not glamerous, and the pay ain’t great, but dammit, I take pride in my work.

So when can I expect you over here?

Also, I’ll need you to bring a dictionary so that in the future I can spell “glamorous” correctly. Thanks.

This thread gives me some ideas for Bodope…

[sub]oooh, I’m naughty…[/sub]

I call dibs on Hardygrrl!

Can you call bites? If you can call bites, I get bites on Hardygirl!

[sub]Just little nibbles![/sub]

Which all good shotgun-players should know as “turret” and “cargo”.

Also, we frequently must make use of “trunk monkey”.

The next person who calls “dibs” on me gets whacked with a hockey stick. :slight_smile:

And CBEscapee? You better talk to that hardygirl character about that…

I swear, I have never heard of these terms… we just play shotgun… and “Race ya!”.

I call dibs on getting hit with a hockey stick!