You can help the Lincoln Highway!

I have received permission from the moderators to start this thread. Thanks so much!

The Lincoln Highway was the first road to cross the entire continental United States spanning from New York to California. In the beginning, it was formed merely by aligning roads that were already in existence and later on newer roads were built and the route was straightened and made easier to navigate.

Here’s a link to the Wikipedia entry which is actually fairly informative and also a link to theLincoln Highway Heritage Corridor which runs through Pennsylvania and is probably my favorite part of the Road.

The Lincoln Highway Association which was formed in 1913 and then reorganized in 1992 has been working to educate people about this historic byway. One of my fellow LHA members has written a grant proposal and submitted it to the Pepsi Refresh Project which will reward grants to the 10 most popular ideas that are submitted. Here’s the letter that I received from Paul:

If you were to ask any of my real life friends, they would tell you that I’m a Lincoln Highway freak so I think that this idea is just absolutely awesome. I’ve traveled the LH from NYC to Nebraska and it’s my goal to someday make it along the rest of the route. I’m very fortunate to live only about 35 minutes from the Highway and I get down there as often as I can.

So, anyways, I hope that you’ll consider giving a nod to this idea and if you have any Lincoln Highway questions, I’ll try to answer those, too! Tomorrow when I’m not so tired I’ll try to post some pictures of my favorite places along the road.


P.S. If you’re already on facebook, it isn’t necessary to register with the Pepsi site, you can just click on the ‘Connect with facebook’ button and vote that way.

As I understand it, my father helped build that highway, working for the WPA. I may have the details wrong, but I know he was there.

The last time we made a family trip to Cedar Rapids, where my daughter went to college, the girls came home along Rt. 30, instead of I-80. They had a great time.
Forgot to say, I voted.

Interesting… I live in one of the towns in Central NJ that Lincoln Highway passes through. I always wondered why Route 27 was also called Lincoln Highway–on signs not by people.

I freakin’ hate Pepsi though.

Ok, now for a few pictures!

In no particular order of preference, here’s The World’s Largest Coffee Pot, The World’s Largest Tea Pot, Grandview Point and thetiny, decayinggas station across the street. Then there’s the old location of Hanoverton Hardware with is right across the street from The Spread Eagle Tavern which is probably my favorite restaurant in the world and possibly my second favorite restaurant in the world, The Bonnet Tavern.
Here’s an awesome tribute to the Grandview Ship Hotelwhich, sadly, was destroyed by arsonists leaving a great hole in the landscape of PA.

That’s so cool that your dad was there, **thirdwarning **and thanks for your vote!

Well, luv2draw, I don’t like Pepsi either, but I think it’s a worthwhile cause. :smiley:

So what are y’all doing to celebrate Lincoln’s birthday today?

First, we will have pie! :smiley:

The idea has gone from about 106 to 90 in the ranking.

Let’s keep voting!!! (It’s free and takes just a few seconds to do.)