You can perfectly mimic the sound any any person/thing. What would it be?

Let’s say you can open your mouth and perfectly mimic, say, a foghorn. Or Homer Simpson. Or Edward R. Murrow. Or a roaring lion. What would you choose? Here’s my list:

[li]Daleks. I would love to be able to talk like them. I’ve tried, of course, but it usually results in people grabbing their drinks and backing away from me.[/li][li]Morbo, of course. And the Hypno-Toad.[/li][li]A dolphin. But only if I could actually speak dolphin, underwater, and communicate with other dolphins. Then I could use my dolphin army to…nevermind, I’ve said too much.[/li][li]The movie trailer guy.[/li][/ul]

Well, slightly off-topic, but related, I promise!

I have a friend who can perfectly imitate the sound of a baby wailing or laughing. She developed her skill as a teenager after noticing the funky sounds as she cleared her throat during a chest cold. I wish I had a recording, because it is dang eery. Its also fun for messing with people in restaurants or stores - intermittently fussy invisible baby! And the bubbly sound of a baby’s laughter is so infectious. :slight_smile:

A lion’s roar.

First, because I’m a 5’4" bouncy girl and I think it would be delightfully ridiculous to hear that kind of noise come out of my little mouth.

Seond of all, it would be the ultimate argument winner. What can you say to refute a lion’s roar?

I can do a passable Kermit The Frog. I’ve been told I can do it better than the current Kermit.

Elvis Presley singing “Blue Moon.”

Paul McCartney.

You may laugh, but if I could open my mouth and have that sound come out, I’d quit everything and sing for a living…and be able to get work anywhere.

Franco Corelli.

I have a fairly versatile voice already, but I would really love to sing songs meant for female singers — they just don’t sound right when I sing them myself, even if I can hit the notes.

No good reason for it, but I’d love to be able to make the sound of a centrifigal pump cavitating like crazy after it’s lost its minimum net positive suction head. It’s usually best described as the sound of the pump trying to gargle marbles, but for those who’ve never heard such a thing, it just doesn’t make sense, it seems.

I’m sick of people giving me odd looks when I use that comparison.

Sinatra. Without a doubt.

As has been noted by many a notable troubadour, I would sing like George Jones. I would also not have the alcohol related incidents and the divorces. Can you fix me now, or is this a project in the works?

SSG Schwartz

1st Stage Booster Rocket, Saturn 5, vintage 1969.

I could shatter concrete, & frighten the horses.

please don’t roar at me.

My sister can do the best cricket chirp ever. You’d swear you were infested. (When asked, “How’d you do that?” She says, “I rubbed my legs together.”)

Either James Earl Jones or Terry Pratchett’s Death.
Actually, I imagine they sound quite a bit alike.

GWB. Oh the prank phone calls I could make!

George Sanders. The man had the coolest voice ever.

My thinking as well, although I’d go with David Bowie.

There was a kid a year ahead of me in high school who could an absolutely perfect imitation of the fire alarm. He emptied out more than one classroom and got at least one almost to the front door before the teacher realized it wasn’t a real alarm.

A stun grenade. I want to be able to put a whole room down in half a second. That is, assuming I myself would be immune.

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