You can't make a Sequel -- You killed off the Character!

Jessica, Jo, Ellen, Bela, Ruby, Anna, Pamela, Tessa, Mrs. Tran, Kelly…it sure helped to have a penis if you wanted to be resurrected on Supernatural.

In the three 1930s Buster Crabbe-Flash Gordon serials, arch-villain Ming the Merciless (Charles Middleton) is killed off in all of them. Yet he appears in all of them without any explanation how he was saved. Although in the last one “Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe” one character says
thete is a way Ming can escape the locked room that is about to be destroyed by an oncoming rocket but he won’t think of it in time. But no fourth sequel appeared to use it.

The soap opera “All My Children” had some characters like writer Mike Roy and policeman Jessie Hubbard killed but a few years later came back. There is a secret government agency (CONTROL?) takes saves some people who are about to die, has the hospital announce their deaths, so they can use them as secret agents with every one thinking they are dead.

Does that mean it’s a handle?

I guess they didn’t get to Bobby Martin in time…