You Can't Take A Finger Nail Clipper On A Plane, But A Bloody Chain Saw Is OK

This story is just too odd to let pass by.

And the photo is priceless.

This is so a hoax. It’s gotta be, right?


You can’t take a bloody or otherwise chainsaw on the pane either. Neither did Despres. He arrived at the US-Canada border and was arrested. You make it sound like he snuck it on a 747.

Good thing for him that looking like a nutcase isn’t a crime.

Yeah - that mugshot should have set alarm bells ringing straight off.

Shee-it yes. He looks like Our Gang’s Alfalfa as re-envisioned by Fritz Lang.

Oh, my God! You’re so right!! Jeez, that guy has freaky eyes. People with freaky eyes scare me…Hold me.

His photo looks photoshopped to me, but that’s just my opinion.

Only if you hold me


No, he wasn’t arrested at the border. They confiscated the various items as a condition of entry, but since he was an American citizen and they had no information that he had committed a crime, they had to let him in. He was arrested in Massachusetts two days later by the local police.

They make it sound like they just let the guy go through. Like Northern Piper said, they had to let him in without evidence of warrants or that he had committed a crime.

I thought you were going to talk about this story.

Or, Why not to stowaway in the wheel well, parts 2.

Man, I haven’t seen a devilock since Samhain broke up.

Those “new” Misfits have them, don’t they?

Reality check on aisle three.

Now that’s a country song:

Come hear the tale
Of Greg Despres
His mayhem and disorder
He stabbed mah wife
Cut off mah head
And lit out for the border.

Here’s where I’m having cognitive dissonance:


To quote the esteemable Jon Stewart: “WAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh???”

Can we not get these guys a message board so they can tell each other who’s a Bad Guy? ezBoard’s free, if not very reliable!

Well, he was due in court. That sounds to me like he was on bail, not wanted, so he wouldn’t be on the Canadian database of people wanted by the police. I would assume that the Court would have issued a bench warrant for his arrest when he didn’t show up that day, but that warrant then would have to be entered on the database - there’s always some lag time.

Yeah, I get that. Just seems to me, in the World Ruled by WhyNot, that a simple list of people due in court for sentancing today might be nice to have to limit people panic fleeing. Probably a logistical nightmare, I know, but not undoable. A quick upload of each court’s docket for the day to a central database would do. At least that, paired with the possible bloody chain saw, might have given them a reason to detain him or tell him he couldn’t cross until the sentance was rendered or something.

Yes, I’m aware that I probably posted at least 12 not legal things there relating to unlawful restraint and privacy violations. I’m just thinking out loud here.

The one thing about this that gets me is that he was carrying a chainsaw that appeared to be covered in blood.

Bolding mine. How stupid do you have to be to not be able to tell the difference between rust, paint and blood? I imagine that anybody with an IQ over 75 could make a cursory assesment. Now, could you tell if it was human blood vs. cow blood? No, for that you would need a lab, but not to be able to tell that it was blood just boggles my mind. Has anyone ever seen any paint with the texture and consistancy of blood?