You dumb shit!

Anyone familiar with that Kids In The Hall sketch featuring the cerebrally challenged mechanic with the rubber mallet? He’d been “working” on this guys car for like, two weeks. Guy comes in to fine the mechanic under the hood, straddling the engine and wailing away with the rubber mallet. Guess you had to be there…

I had some Toyota guys in Georgia “change” the timing chain on our Celica many years ago. The “new” chain broke about 8,000 miles later. The fix was under warranty, thank the Lawd. But I knew what the real deal was. The valve cover bolts were still smeared with grime from an unfortunate oil change incident several months before I took it in. They hadn’t been disturbed. Do the math.

Have I told y’all lately how much I loves my 83 Corolla? Me & my $25 socket set, a 1 foot section of 2x4 and a 3 foot hollow pipe is about all I need in my toolbox. Done the alternator, timing belt & pulley, battery, fuel pump and tune up in about 12 total labor hours in the front yard. NOBODY touches my cars but me now. Except the tire guys because, well, I’m too much of a puss to rip the rubber off the rims with my dainty little paws. But I watch those guys like a hawk too.

Way to keep 'em honest QS.