You got a problem with me listening to music while you watch a movie tough!

So I am sitting at home watching “The Talented Mr. Ripley” on Showtime tonight, when my two roomates come home this evening (My brother and his girlfriend… I have been living the in the house for three years unlike you two which can’t seem to stay together and have to keep taking turns moving out for a year) and they decide that since they bought a movie THEY get to watch the second they step foot in the damn door. Well, I figure what the hell I got satellite I can catch it in three more hours when it comes on west so I turn the show off and wait for them to come out and watch their movie. Well, I keep waiting and waiting and waiting… and waiting and it is now TWO FUCKING HOURS LATER plenty of time to finish watching my movie and check email and everything and still have time to waste. They finally come out of their freakin room and they decide again to watch it… I figure what the fuck… I might as well watch it (Meeting the Parents), so I go out to make popcorn (good natural shit). While I am making it and waiting for it I hear them fast forward through the previews then I hear the movie starting I figure they would pause it after the credits so I could watch it. NO fucking way… they are watching the movie right then and there. Well I burned the first round (that’ll teach me not to pay attention), so I start up the second and by the time it is finished they are about fifteen minutes into the movie plenty to late to start watching it. So I go into my bedroom to come fiddle on the net and listen to the music and they have the fuckin balls to complain that it is too loud!! I can barely hear the freakin music over the sound of my little humidifier and they are bitchin about it. How can a person be so goddamn rude to their own freakin roomates who were so freakin nice to them… And to quell a disagreement on this before it starts, I expect a bit of tension when you live with roommates and give and take… but fuck it I was extremely curtious to them and let them watch their frickin show and they still treat me like crap.

Oh well, when I get back from Europe I’ll just have to get my own place, to hell with them.

Solution: headphones.

You didn’t say who owns the TV and/or VCR.
If you are the owner, headphones are not the answer, they are just another step in totally relinquishing your rights to the other roommate(s).
The real solution is conversation, leading to compromise.
A lot of folks are pretty oblivious to when they are stepping on your toes, or when you are making sacrifices for them unless you point it out.

Work out a deal.
Next time, be very specific about what you are giving up, and what you expect in return.

[List=1][li]“I’m right in the middle of ‘The Talented Mr. Ripley’ and it’ll be over in (x-time), then you guys can have the TV.”[/li]
[li]“I’ll stop the movie I’m watching, if I can watch yours along with you, and if you give me a few minutes before you start the tape, I’ll make popcorn for everybody.”[/li](If they are game, great! If they don’t want to flex, go back to #1.)[/list=1]
When the shoe is on the other foot, you can use the situation to foster good-roomy-behavior.
Ask if they’ll stop what they are doing, like you did, when you were watching your movie, to watch a movie with you.
To avoid conflict over something that you want to see on Network/Cable/Dish, it helps to plan a couple days ahead, and say, “I need the TV on Tuesday night at 8:00 for ‘The Talented Mr. Ripley’.” Or “DIBBIES on the TV 8pm, Tuesday!”
Then at the time of the program, if they want to interrupt or do something else, you can always say, “I told you guys the other day…”